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What is
As most credible blog sites and news articles on the web say, is a new social network that is ready to conquer the web with a twist. Why with twist? Because they are paying their members just to participate in the platform. Cool right? Why spend many hours on Facebook if you can make money out of those wasted hours on Tsu!

Not being rude to Facebook, but it is true that users are being used by these huge companies for their advertising programs, they are the one who makes the money. How about the users? Will they be always empty handed in the end? Not anymore..

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There's a rumor that Tsu is backed up by millions of dollars in fund, i won't be surprised by that and I also think that rumors are true as already been said by credible bloggers and news sites out there. Infact, you can find celebrities, players, personalities, non governmental organizations in the site which is i think hired by Tsu as part of their promotions to gather members and popularity.

How to Make Money on Tsu?
Earning money on Tsu is not really officialy disclosed on how you can really earn on the site. All we know is you need to participate like posting contents, images, inviting members and sharng ideas can bring you some cents to your account after the site divide most of its revenue to members.

There's a lot of spamming on the site which is not good. For example, users think they could get lots of money by spam liking, commenting, posting, sharing.. It's somewhat true, but in reality that's not Tsu value the most. Let's say Tsu likes you doing activities on the site, they'll give you money, but like what I said you are not really sure on how you could make money on the site.

Spamming is not good and somewhat illegal on some point. If this social network caught you doing that they will instantly restrict or ban your account in no time. So the best way on how to make money on Tsu is by only participating and using the site, i can say. Like how you use Facebook, just normally use it daily as part of your daily routine, or as a habit or an interest.. or as part of your marketing campaign, etc.

Not only you could bring success on Tsu, you can also help the site be another better platform for everyone just like Facebook.

Check. They send money to you via Check. I've heard on some of my friends who actively uses the site that it also provides PayPal payment as another option. The only matter to me is that a person should reach the minimum amount of money which is $100 before he or she can request withdrawal. Too high, good for them, bad for users like you and me.

Referral Program
Bringing new members to the site under you is another good way of earning decent money on the site. My friend on Facebook said he maintained 100 downline and said he was earning $1 or more a day through this. Imagine if you could obtain 1000 sign-ups!

So, Is Legit or Scam?
Obviously, they are legitimately registered website. They even gained trust from news sites, that only proves they are not a small time business. Can't even find any bad reviews on the web. The downside of this site is just withdrawal are too high that's why many get bored in the middle of the road.

It is also not true that you cannot earn on Tsu, it's just the earning's too slow and little. No one gives huge money on the internet for free guys, come on.

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