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Looking for the HighPayBux ( review? Want to know if they are legit or scam? Read more below and know what's good and what's not with this business. review legit or scam 2015

What is HighPayBux
This website is categorized by PhilReviews as paid to click site or PTC in short. To know more about PTC sites, please proceed here:

HighPayBux is a simple advertising platform. The difference with it with a normal PPC (pay per click) ad network is that PPC pays publishers to publish ads of advertisers to get audience while PTC (paid to click) gets its traffic directly because audience sign-up to the site and clicks those ads from advertisers in exchange for compensation. Simple as this, advertisers buy ad packages worth thousand of clicks as basic quantity, the clickers clicks those ad published on the "view ads section" manually in order to get paid cents (fraction of what the advertisers paid, the rest goes to the site).

The Earnings
The site pays in many ways. Here's the list of it:
  • Viewing advertisements
  • Playing adGrid
  • Do microjobs / tasks
  • Reading emails
  • Participating in Contests
  • Referring members
  • Playing Head or Tails game
Most of them are from advertisers, meaning without an advertisers, there is no income. And without income, users won't get paid the right amount, on time. This tasks commonly will not take you too much time to complete like viewing advertisements - takes 5 minutes. Playing adgrid - takes you 5 minutes or more. Reading emails, referring members etc. But if you are a lazy person you can try referring members to earn more passively without performing tiring tasks mentioned above.

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Who is HighPayBux (Whois)?
Who really is the owner of this site. Unfortunately, we can't find any clue who is behind this business because of the fact that they are protected by WhoisGuard that hides ownership and identity details about a certain site. There's no problem to that. But we do not support businesses that hides their real names. I can't determine the reason why they need to hide these while infact it can provide them a boost of customer's and member's trust. A business should be a trustworthy image. I'm worried about their site status that is in "inactive".

If you are the owner of this website please do not hesitate to give us details here by posting on our IntenseDebate comments below this post.

Good Part
Things we do like about HighPayBux.

  • Numerous Ways to Earn
    As you can see above, they support multiple ways to earn unlike others that only support paid to click ads.
  • New Opportunity
    New site to earn with, new income stream, easy to use.
  • Has Forum
    Community spotted. This is a way to spot fraud activities and suspicious acts.

Bad Part
Things we do not like about HighPayingBux.
  • Bux Site
    We know bux sites right? Self sponsored ads, rented referrals, high paying, expensive upgrades, strict limitations, etc. etc. and what? a FAD? comes fast fade later?
  • Inactive Status
    Come on. Inactive? That means less traffic. And less traffic means less advertisers. Less advertisers, no income.

Is it Recommended?
You are free to test it. But we do not recommend it for long term income since it is very new and not a stable website as you can see it has an inactive tag on their whois. That's not good. If you are going to invest money on this website, please think about it first before spending a dime.

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