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Here for the Buxony ( Review? You are in the right place because this article will discuss stuffs about the said site. Are they legitimate or scam site? Learn more below.

buxony review legit or scam

What is
This website is classified by PhilReviews as a PTC or Paid to Click Site. This kind of businesses compensate its users to click ads on their website, do simple tasks, complete free and paid offers, and play their grid game of chance or sign-up to external websites advertised by advertisers on their PTSU area.

Here's their payrates:

  • Paid to Click Ads: $0.001 - $0.005 - $0.01
  • Paid to Sign-up Offers (PTSU): N/A
  • Buxony Grid Game of Chance: $0.10
You can also earn commissions by referring people to join on Buxony. Yes, that's right. Get paid each and everytime your referral purchase, click, earn, etc.

Who is (Whois)
Based on their statements, this website is owned by a person named "Ali" from Holand which is an IT guy that decides to run a paid to click business on his own. Unfortunately, we cannot verify these information since their domain data is protected and his hidden to public and cannot be viewed by any of us. Click here to view Buxony Whois information.

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As we always say, we hate websites that hides their informations to its users. We see no point as to why they hide stuffs that can boost the trustworthiness of the said paid to click site.

Incase you are the owner of this website, please do not hesitate to share your identity to us on our IntenseDebate forum below. It's good for you, you know? Users will be happy.

Now the Pros and Cons
This is to target the site's weakness and power, it's good sides and bad sides that might help you decide whether you will join or not.

Good Sides
Things we do like about Buxony.

  • Impressive Interface
    Quite user friendly and simple. Elegant and very pleasing to a users eye sight.
  • Forum or Community Available
    Community area is a good way to communicate with other users, share experiences, payment proofs, ideas, informations, and even fraud reports. Most of the time, we check the forum for suspicious stuffs.
  • Good PTC Payrates
    You can earn from $0.001 - $0.005 and up to $0.01 per ad click.
  • Low Minimum to Cashout
    Standard is $1 and increased to $4, Upgraded is $1 fixed.
  • Almost Instant Registration
    Fast sign-up, no need for verification, etc. etc.
Bad Sides
Things we do not like about Buxony.
  • New Site
    The time this article is published, they are a newly built site. Commonly, websites like these closes or fails in just a matter of months. Trusted sites are years in age.
  • Few Earning Options
    We understand that they are a new site, but if this continues, they will leave their users empty handed. Earning sources on this website is quite few only. From the time this article is published, we recorded only 3 - 5 including the referral program.
  • High Paying PTC Ads
    Sometimes, good part becomes the bad part of it. High paying PTC ads can also lead to debts to users if doesn't maintained properly. If they are all from advertisers then be happy for it, but basing from the fact they are all self-sponsored or ads that is from the owner then it might be a different story since self sponsored ads are deadly if doesn't receives return.
  • Very Low AdGrid Prize
    $0.10 seriously?
  • Abusive Upgrade System
    $90 - $750 is a big No No to us. ClixSense only offer $17 for 1 year.
  • Stepped Cashout
    Might look low for free members, but after your first cash out , minimum will be increased to $4.

Do We Recommend Buxony?
You are free to test new sites. But we do not recommend investing huge amount of money to them since there is a huge chance of your money getting scammed. Not saying they are, just be careful on spending money. PLEASE LOOK AT THE VOTES AND RATINGS. Those poll and stars ratings are there for a reason. Those ratings are from real users.

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