Payoneer MasterCard Review - Instant Withdrawal Straight To Your Card

Looking for Payoneer ( Mastercard review? Want to know if they are a legitimate company or a fraud one? Then you are in the right place because today we will discuss stuffs about them.

What is Payoneer?
Payoneer is a popular way of receiving and sending funds online. Not literally sending it to people, but sending it to pay for some goods or items you have bought online or some stores that accepts mastercard. On the receiving part, we've experienced a hell lot of goods stuffs on them. You can receive your income from different freelancing sites like, Freelancer, Golance, etc straight to your card.

To get a Payoneer Mastercard, one should go to an official partner site. Partner sites are those that are legitimate company autorized to support a Payoneer Mastercard withdrawal. From those site too you can request an order to deliver your card right to your doorstep in a few weeks or a month (we received ours in just 2 week fast).

All at the comfort of your home.
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Is it free? The delivery/shipping is free, but you need to activate it in order to use the card. You need to fund it first to activate. They also deducts you $3 monthly maintenance fee. 

Where do we use our card?
We use ours on Sharecash since we got it there, it's a PPD site. And also to get our sale's income. To withdraw that funds, you can just go to the nearest ATM machine that accepts mastercard and input your card, press the account type, put your PIN and get the amount you want instantly.

Processing Time
It varies depending on what way you want your cashout to be processed.
    Delivers your money to your card as fast as 30 minutes and up to 2 hours
    Delivers your money to your card up to 2 days or more.
How much do those methods cost?
Transaction fees depends on each way, immidiate withdrawal can cost you up to $2 - $5 depends on the site. On Sharecash, we get $5 immidiate withdrawal transaction fee and for Fiverr, it will be a different story (much cheaper $2 transaction fee for immidiate).

Cheaper or Expensive?
Well, Payoneer withdrawal isn't that cheap rather you can say standard only. The only stuff you can notice is the ATM fees which ranges from $10 up to $20 or more depends on how much money you have, the ATM fee, the exchange rate, and others fees. We advice you to withdraw your money on ATM machines when you already have a large fund like $55 - $100 or more top reduce deductions.

Do we recommend Payoneer?
Yes ofcourse! Imagine if you use PayPal, how long would it take you and how much effort you will excert just to get your money? On Payoneer, withdrawals is ALMOST INSTANT straight to your hands.

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