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Starting today, we will now be releasing fresh online money making sites as per public demand. The list provided below are new sites from different companies and individuals on the web. Please see them below.

Date: Nov. 30, 2015 new sites - Progressive Compensation Plan
Powered by Proprofit Worldwide Ltd. London. It looks like a revenue sharing or some kind of an investing platform for us with different memberships and freebies like free direct referrals upon sign-up for your start-up. Registration is free, but i think there will be money involve inside the site.

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Earn up to $0.012 per click on this newly built PTC website. Earn on viewing advertisements, play AdGrid game of chance, etc. Pays instantly as they stated via PayPal. - Never Run out of Clix at InfClix
"At Infclix you never have to worry about running out of clicks. We always have ads to be clicked which results in money to be made no matter where in the world you live." This site allows you to earn money by viewing ads, referring members, and other related stuffs. Payments are done via PayPal.

Note: Website listed are new and are subject to monitoring. Please use them with caution and do not spend money until proven trustworthy. Feel free to TEST them, just be careful on investing funds.

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