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Let's have a pause and a time out with these tiring review recently. Why don't we look up for some generous cash out there to earn some decent money online. Learn how to earn money online via free bitcoin faucets!

free bitcoin faucet make money online with btc

The list that can be found below are one of the best and high paying FREE bitcoin faucets that we tested for a couple of weeks. Now what is Bitcoin first?

What Is Bitcoin?
Bitcoin are simply an electronic currency or some prefer to use the word Cryptocurrency. Bitcoin, AKA. BTC, is an opensource ecurrency that is already considered as commodities by the United States. It is a real money. Much like gold, bitcoins value depends on the market itself. Meaning to say that the price of it per BTC rises rapidly and drops at the same rate, for example, last week we monitored the price is under $280.. But now it is already hitting $400! Cool right?

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The good part of it is that this currency doesn't require you to have a bank account or anything. All you have to acquire is a wallet specially made for bitcoin (which is secured) whether online or in your computer, and the bitcoin itself.

How to Get Bitcoins?
There are few ways of getting bitcoins. Here's some ways.
  • Mining
    BTC mining is easy but requires a hell lot of computing power and electricity. Your PC is forced to work more than usual to mine, meaning to say, the less power your computer has, the lesser you mine and the longer it takes. Not recommended for newbies.
  • Buy and Sell
    Simple as you buy low, then sell when the price go high. Not really a complicated stuff, the only thing you just monitor is the market since bitcoin price rise and drop rapidly in every minute. Ofcourse, you need to buy a bitcoin to start. Not recommended to people that has no knowledge about bitcoin and its market. Has risk factor ofcourse.
  • Others
    You can also earn bitcoins by selling services and products on forums, blogs, etc. You can also consider gambling, investing, revenuesharing, forex, paid to click sites, etc. Just be careful of scams.
  • Free Bitcoin Faucets
    The best in the world are those that is FREE FREE FREE! Some websites run a program that is called bitcoin faucets. Faucets are simply a website that giveaway BTC for free. You just need to stay on their website or play some game and you get bitcoins every minute, hour, or even every monster and robot you defeat. Units differce on each website, some pays via satoshi, bits, bitcoin, etc.
Free Bitcoin Faucets this 2015
Before you register on a BTC faucet, you should remember that you need to have a wallet first click here to register on Bitcoin wallet and vault. Now after signing-up to Xapo, get your "wallet address" and use it to sign-up on the website listed below. The more faucets, the more your earnings. is a website that let's you earn free bitcoins every hour. You just need to roll and win the lucky numbers. Prizes differce on every lucky number "brackets" you have won. The higher number you get the bigger the prize up to $200 worth of BTC!

Participating on their referral program lets you earn 50% lifetime referral commission (winnings). The more they roll, the more you earn.

This website give you the chance to claim free BTC every 20 minutes which ranges from 200 - 500 bitcoins which can be increased if you get luckier finding very rare potions that boost your earnings on the site.

They also runs a referral program. Earn 25% lifetime referral earnings each and everytime your referrals claims.

Dripping coins on this faucet! Claim free bitcoins every 5 minutes! You decide whether you claim or not, or you can just let the tab on your browser and watch satoshis pour into your account.

Referral program lets you earn 50% lifetime referral earnings. Plus, every active referrals multiplies your referral bonus that can multiply your claims up to 100x.

Defeat monsters and upgrade yourself to increase attack points. The higher the level you have, the higher satoshis you earn up to 400,000 to 1,000,000 satoshis! The most addicting bitcoin game ever created. Sister site of RobotCoinGame developers.

What's the secret?
No secret buddy. Just claim every hour or when they require you. Be active daily and refer as many members as you can to multiply your earnings for life. Imagine having 1000 referrals on your downline, you gonna earn all of those bitcoins passively even when you sleep.

Do we Recommend Them?
Yes ofcourse. They have the lowest chance of scamming you since signing-up is totally free of charge. They earn on ad publishing like Google Adsense already and there is no point of running away unless they fail to generate revenue on their ads published.

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