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Looking for FlatClix ( review? Then you found it. This article contains informations, analytics, comparison, and other data about the said site that might help you determine whether they are legitimate website or a fraud one. Read it below! review legit or scam 2015
This website is classified by PhilReviews as PTC or paid to click website. This kind of sites are those that offers its members to be paid just by clicking ads, doing simple tasks, daily surveys, offerwalls, participating on their referral program, renting referrals, bonuses, contests and more. Simple as this.. Advertiser buys advertisement package and displays it to the site members, the members click those ads and get paid part or fraction of what the ad publisher pays. The rest goes to the site and the fees.

Basic Informations of This Site:

  • Paid To Click Rates: $0.001 - $0.01 
  • Paid To Sign-up Rates: n/a
  • FlatGrid Prize: $0.001 - $0.010
  • Script: EvolutionScript v5.1

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Who Is (whois)
Unfortunately, we cannot say who the owner is because their informations are hidden and protected by WhoisGuard protection. If incase you are the owner of this site please, introduce yourself in the comment section below. It may help you gain trust.

However, by reviewing FlatClix' Whois information which can be found here we found out that the site is registered on September 13, 2015 under the registrar Enom Inc. (reseller - NameCheap) with an active server type CloudFlare-Nginx

By the time this review is written, this website's still new and needs a lot of improvements. And like we always say, new sites are those that are at risk of failing or worst, can scam you and bag your hard earned money. To help you decide whether you will join FlatClix, we compiled some of the pros and cons of the site.

Good Sides
Things we do like about
  • Forum
    A community is a must in a paid to click site. PTC like these commonly are very hard to predict however, by looking at their forum regularly, you can spot activities that the company must be doing like fraud, non payments, delays on payments, account being frozen, in debt, suspicious behaviours, complaints, feedbacks, payment proofs and more. Scam sites has no forum, if they have then it will be full of complaints and non payment threads.
  • Cool Interface
    Like the many other new customized scripts out there, you can see its elegance although you can also spot some bugs on their corners.

Bad Sides
Things we do not like about
  • Very Low AdGrid Prize
    I wont explain it further but as you can see, their AdGrid prize is just too low for a normal PTC site. Pretty pointless to click everyday.
  • Private / Hidden Whois Informations
    We do not like sites that hides ownership info to their users.
  • New Site
    By the time this review is written, the site is very new. New sites are new players with risk of failure or fraud.
  • Few Ways To Earn
    That also means lesser income to some users.

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