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Wondering if a legitimate or scam site? Having trouble looking for ClixMansion review? Look no further because this article discusses informations about everything important about the said site. Read more below.

clixmansion review legit or scam 2015

What is ClixMansion
Is a simple but elegant paid to click service (PTC) which promises users to get paid by doing simple ad clicking and task. Registered members can earn in money ways, for example.. You can earn by viewing advertisements posted by advertisers and participate in their adgrid game which gives you a chance to win cash directly to your balance! You can also refer members and earn commission each and everytime they earn on the ClixMansion. The same is the rented referrals, difference is just you need to purcahse it instead of promoting outside the site.

Here's the payrates on the particular method of earning.

  • paid to click ads
    • $0.001 - $0.005
    • 14 pieces +
  • clixgrid game
    • $0.010
    • 50 chances
And it's payment processors supported.
  • Processor
    • PayPal, Perfect Money, Payza
  • Minimum:
    • $4 minimum to cashout
Other infos..
  • Script Used
    • EvolutionScript v5.1

Who is ClixMansion (Whois)
By reviewing the site, we found out that the whois information of | click here we've fetched is private (protected by Whois guard) and is not available for public viewing. They have the right to do it but like what we are saying, we do not support hidden registration informations because there is no such point of hiding anything if you are a legitimate business. Plus, it will help your site get more transparency and trust from the users.

The URL is registered under ENOM, Inc. since July 24, 2015 and is under Cloudflare-Nginx server. type. We have no idea on how old this site is.

Here's some of the external review we've found on the internet to check more details that is not available here in PhilReviews. Please see them below, you might find some critical info there

Best get paid to click and revshare site.
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ClixMansion and Alexa
By combining the their pageviews and unique visitors alexa can determine how much traffic this website can get on different fields. This site has a global rank of 35,000 and 3,000 in brazil. You can find an indepth analytics about ClixMansion here. You may want to check out their live statistics so you know who and how many are visiting their site, incase you need it.

Now the question here is, Are they legit or fraud? Because of the fact that the site is very new and is too unfair for new players if we just judge them right away, we gonna be conducting a Pro's and Con's section instead. In that way, you will determine their good and bad sides without hurting any business in the process. Check it below!

Good Sides
Things we do like about
  • Elegant Theme
    First impression is good. Every business should be like this who invest in their website's looks, it can bring more traffic to the side tho.
  • Balanced Payrates
    Not too high, but i admit their rates are quite low especially in the adgrid side.
  • Forum
    PTC sites must-have. This is the area were complaints, issues and problems first arises before any part of the web. If they don't pay users, ClixMansion will be spammed with doubts and heavy complaints post thread.
Bad Sides
Things we do not like about
  • A Bux site
    Everyone knows how they work, right? These kind of sites are those that implements high paying self sponsored ads, very expensive upgrades, rented referrals, abusive limitations, recycling traffic, etc. If you are a starter on the PTC business and not familiar with them, please do not spend money, you can join them for free. Most of them fail with in months or years of operation.
  • Very Low Adgrid Price
    Come on! $0.010 really? That's too low.
  • Expensive Upgrade
    $850 in 1 year membership is just too much. ClixSense, a certified legit site only offer $17 for a year.
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Review was last updated: October 2, 2015
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