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If you are looking for the Clixic ( Review then this article is right for you. Are they legitimate or scam site? Then read more below for more details.

clixic review legit or scam 2015

Clixic - Get Paid to Click
Is a newest company operating in the PTC or get paid to click industry. I visited their site and somewhat found some unqueness on them that most of newly sprouted players do not have. They pay you to click ads just like what others offer, sign-up on websites posted by advertisers, complete offers on offerwalls, and participate in the luck game called ClixicGrid. Here you can find what is paid to click.

Here's some info about the site's payrates, processors, etc.

  • PTC ads
    • $0.001 (x9)
  • PTSU ads
    • nothing found
  • Offer Walls
    • depends
  • ClixicGrid
    • $0.001 - $10.00 (x30 chances)
  • Payment Method
    • Skrill, PayPal, Payza, OkPay
  • Minimum Payout
    • $2
  • Forced Ad View
    • 4 advertisements

Now, Who Is (whois) Clixic?
This website, Clixic is operated by a company called Scriptsic Ltd. which can be found at Manchester, Greater Manchester GB verified by GoDaddy Secure Certificate Authority. The connection is secured as you can see on their links. Info is from their connection information and identity.

Now, let's go to their whois. Based on my query, the website is registered under Go Daddy using an admin name as Afonso Faria operating in 803 Barton Place, 3 Hornbeam way, Manchester, Lancashire UK. Read more about Clixic Whois Info here.
" Admin Email: "

Paying or Not? Legit or Scam?
New sites are new sites and no one has the right to judge such age. The only way to tell weather they will turn into a fly by night or be a full grown giant is through time and observation. Now let's proceed to the pro's and con's of the site for you to decide if you will join or not on Clixic.

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Good Sides
What we like about

  • Innovative
    In some ways, but not really. They have a social network under a subdomain. Cool right?
  • Has Forum
    Every money making website must-have. Community is a great way to communicate with each other especially when there are times the site experiencing issues. It is a great way also to determine weather the site still paying or not.
  • Balanced Payrates
    Self sponsored ads, but i think $0.001 is just fine and won't cause any trouble about debt.
  • User interface
    Most of PTC site that sprouts nowhere are low quality and sucks in interface which makes the actual site less appealing to public and less comfortable to navigate with.
  • Secure Connection
    As mentioned above, your connection to Clixic is secured by internet protocol (encryption). Safer for money makers.

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Bad Sides
What we do not like about
  • Forced Advertisements
    Like many other bux sites, forced clicks are enforced to make sure everyone is doing their job and actively participating inside the program. You also need this to make sure that you are getting credited for commissions you've earned from referrals.
  • A Bux site
    It isn't a clix site like what the name indicates. Signs of bux signatures are present.
  • Expensive and Abusive Upgrade System
    Surprised? Naah. I already said it is a bux site, these sites commonly supports expensive upgraded memberships and terrible limitations to users that force them to.
Last Updated: September 29, 2015
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