PopCash Review Scam or Legit (popcash.net)

Looking for PopCash (popcash.net) Review? You are in the right place as this article is conducting evaluation and legitimacy review on the said site. Are they legit paying or scam site? Read more below!

popcash.net review legit or scam 2015

Is a Pop Under advertising network website very far from what category we usually review. Advertisers pays the site to show their ads to viewers delivered by publishers. Publishers then get commissions they are the members who inputted the PopCash.net script on their site and shows pop under ads to their website visitors in exchange for some cents.

Below are some informations we got, you might want to check them for further knowledge.
  • Payment Processors:
    • PayPal
    • Payza (AlertPay)
    • Paxum
  • Minimum Withdrawal: $10
  • Minimum Deposit: $5
  • Advertising: Pop Under Advertisements
    • NSFW: Adult ads accepted
    • Others: All website category accepted
  • Bidding System: Yes

Who is (whois)?
The first thing to do when you are trying to make money on a certain site is to check who are you having business with. Are they real or fake business? You should consider looking up for their backgroud and domain information first before trying to execute with.

This is the crucial part and the reason why too many earners are failing. They always forget to check the site's credibility, legitimacy and ownership.

Based on their whois informations,as you can see, queries are private and is not publicly available and is protected by WhoisGuard. You might want to check the link above for more informations like website info, ranking, speed percentile, expiry, etc.

You can also check this Digital Point Forum official thread of this site and see their representative (or the operator, owner, has possibilities). Read those conversations there and see what's up with them.

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Pro's and Con's
Every money making website has. We do not usually judge a certain website when it comes to legitimacy, we let users do that. We only show the good and bad part of it so that people like you who are trying to go into the side can manage to compare what should be considered and what is not. This part can help you decide weather you are going to use the site or no.

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Good Sides
Things we like about PopCash.net.
  • Adjustable Advertisement
    They serve adult ads, that's not good if you have traffic that hate that kind of category and might cause your traffic to decline. Luckily, you can adjust weather you are willing to receive that kind of ad or not.
  • Referral Program
    Aside from pop unders, you can also earn on the site's referral system. Refer others and get 10% lifetime revenue share from your downline earnings.
  • Low Minimum to Withdraw
    You might find the $10 minimum as an easy target.

Bad Sides
Things we don't like about the site.
  • No Forum
    I wonder why the site don't support a community. It's a good way to build relationships with the community of publishers and advertisers. In this way, you can also check if the site has good reputation or not, if they receive complaints, or if the site conducts fraud activities. No streams for updates too.
  • Website Submission Needs Approval
    I don't know until when will my ads be in the pending list, this isn't good since waiting can eat my time or some people like me who's every second matter. I understand the purpose of it, i know, but there's a quick fix to that "waiting part" which the site should do fix as soon as possible.
    update: submitted ads approved within 2 hours
  • Lonely Interface
    If you are inside PopCash.net, you'll notice a pretty lonely room in there. I don't know but an official blog or a forum can fix that in my opinion.
  • Malwares / Trojans / Virus ads
    There's been reports. That's a big uh-oh since Google hate that and might find your website penalized by search engines.I'm not saying all ads has one but there is a reported incident.

This review is last updated: September 19, 2015

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