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Looking for MoneyClix ( review? You are in the right place because this article will discuss the site's pros and cons, legitimacy, earning rates and more. Are they legit or scam? Read more below!
MoneyClix is a get paid to (GPT) and paid to click (PTC) website where users are getting paid to do simple tasks like clicking or viewing available advertisements from advertisers and directly from the website, signing-up to websites posted on their PTSU area, clicking on MoneyGrid adgrid, referring members or renting referrals, and participating on their points contest.

Below is the corresponding payrates, processors, and other important facts of the said site. You can compare here how much do they really pay for a simple task a member do on the site. See bullets below:
  • Viewing Ads: $0.00015 - $0.009 - $0.015 - $0.018
    • Ad Quantity: 15+/-
    • Forced Ad View: 4 ads
  • Paid To Sign-Up: $0.10
  • MoneyGrid: $5.00 price
    • Chances: 25
    • Timer: 10 seconds
  • Points Contest: n/a
  • Payment Processors: PayPal, PerfectMoney, Bitcoin
  • Minimum to Cashout: $2.00

    Who is (whois)?
    By reviewing we found out that the website's ownership and whois informations are hidden privately and is not available to public viewing. See MoneyClix whois here.  If you are the owner of this site, do not hesitate to inform us about you on our comment form below. You'll be notifying everyone by doing that plus, you'll be able to gain more trust.

    Prove your value, interact with advertisers, earn cash.
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    Pros and Cons
    Everything and anyone has. We do not judge websites that is new, instead, we are showing you the good and bad sides of the site to help you decide wether you will use or not. Please see bullets below.

    Good Sides
    Here's the things we like about MoneyClix.
    • Forum is Available
      This is the number one stuff you should find and check before joining a certain website. Forum is a good way to determine if they are really paying or not, if they lots of problems on payouts, or to check if they receive lots of complaints.

      Bad Sides
      Things we do not like about the site.
      • High Payrates
        Paying too much to its members freely of a PTC site is the number one reason why legit company gets too much in debt. Good for a short period of time, but as time goes it might pose a great risk on the website's status.
      • Forced Ad View
        You need to view 4 ads in order to receive commissions from referrals everyday.
      • New Site
        Possibility of turning into a scam site.
      • Hidden Informations
        We do not understand the point on why these websites tends to hide their real identity for public viewing. It can boost trust of a certain company if they show transparency to its people.
      This review is last updated September 17, 2015

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