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Looking for GreekPTC ( Review? You are in the right place because this article discusses informatives, pros and cons, fraud issues of the stated website. Are they legit or scam? Read it below.
GreekPTC is a get paid to and paid to click site. Based on their earning area, they pay users to click available ads on their website (PTC), like facebook pages, get paid to read ads (PTR), you can also earn cash by signing-up to other website posted on their PTSU area, participate on their ClickExchange and earn a small amount each time you promote by getting views on the said site.

By reviewing the site internally, we've come up with the posted information and payrates below, please read it and might help you decide weather you will register on this website or not.
  • Paid to Click Ads (PTC): $0.00001 - $0.001 per click
    • Timer: 60 - 10 seconds per paid to click ad
    • Count: 22+ PTC ads
  • Paid to Read Ads (PTR): n/a
  • Paid to Like Pages:  $0.0015 per like
    • Count: n/a
  • Paid to Sign up (PTSU): n/a
  • Click Exchange (TE): n/a
  • Paid to Promote (PTP): n/a
  • Script: Aurora
  • Payment Method: PayPal

Who Is (Whois)?
Who is Actually, the registrant of this website is not disclosed publicly and is not possible to fetch in any means unless it will be announced publicly. All we know is that it is operated by a guy known as Harry256 (click here to see profile), a GPT site owner badger on EMoneySpace forum

I'm worried about their site status that is labeled as "inactive" on their whois, they said they were online and paying already 5 years of operation, how come? They should have atleast some thousands of traffic but based on what I can see, "m now starting to doubt about that statement. See more of's whois information here.

Pro's and Con's
We do not usually judge new and unknown sites since it will be unfair for them, we only show informations and facts about the PTC site or if possible, we show their good and bad sides so this review can help you decide weather you will use the site or not.

Newest legitimate PTC site. Sister site of My6Clix. Trusted Admin
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Good Sides
Things we like about the site.
  • Low Minimum Balance to Cashout
    $0.10 minimum for you to cashout is very low. that's good thing since you can obtain that amount in a short period of time then you can decide wether they are paying or not.

Bad Sides
Things we do not like about the site.
  • 5 Years Online?
    They said they already operated for a long period of time, but why they have a very low traffic and an inactive status? Not saying they are liars, I'm just pointing out on the question "why the site still has low traffic".
  • No Forum
    For some reason, they do not have any forum, blog, community at all. is active in some money making forum like Emoneyspace (click here to see Harry), but having none is like earning money online on a certain site while blind folded. You don't know what is happening, you cannot also see whos complaining something and who's experiencing troubles and issues.
  • Low Ad Availability
    As you can see on our bullets above (payrates), we answered N/A. We cannot see any ad except get paid to like, promote, and click. The rest is ZERO.
  • Bot Detector
    They support an anti-bot feature on their PTC section. Do not ever try to click that red ad or else you will lose your account instantly.
  • Admin's Manual Verification before unlocking some Features
    That's a bad idea. There's no reason to lock features for members.
  • Very Low Payrates
    For example, the lowest amount of money you can earn on their "view ads" section is $0.00001. That's not fair for everyone. Imagine the rates of $0.001 is very low then what about lower than that?!
  • Hall of Shame
    Lots of members are posted there, that only means they conducts effort to delete accounts and reverse earnings back to them. Be careful since this feature can be used for fraud. Most of them are banned because of "cheat check" failures.
This review is made available September 17, 2015 (eastern time) as last update.

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