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Looking for the best Fiverr ( Review? Wanna know if they are legitimate website or just a scam business? You are in the right place.

Fiverr is considered a micro-task or micro-job website in classification. It is a website which acts as a broker between sellers who creates gigs and buyers who purchases or orders it. A gig is a service in Fiverr.

Gigs / Services
These are created by sellers. Gigs are services, as simple as that. It can be logo editing or creation, video, voice over, traffic generation, SEO, tips and advices, wordpress, programming service and so much more. The basic gig price starts at a very cheap price of $5 but a seller can add up extra gigs which costs more depends on the complication, quantity, and difficulty.

Fiverr - Is it Legit?
No wonder they aren't fraud site. Everyone knows that buddy. As a Fiverr seller, I can honestly tell you that it is possible to earn there for a living. Yes, if you are very familiar on how stuff works and what people want then you have a great chance of earning potential income just by sharing your talent to everyone.

The basic gig price starts at $5, that's very cheap compared to others found on the web which cost hell lot from your pocket. For a price of a burger, those quality services is just a click away. THAT's WHY there's too many buyers there that don't care if they are spending because of that reasonable price in exchange of a quality logo for example.

How can i say it is not a fly by night fraudulent website? Well, I am paid multiple times there in just a matter of months via Payoneer Mastercard. I sell SEO and Social Traffic and I can say it is a hit there. Lots of marketers pay me to do their tiring jobs, get referrals, attain higher rankings on search engines, get leads, sales, downlines, backlinks and etc.

The possibilities are limitless.

The site simply has you read some articles everyday and then complete a captcha to make sure you aren't a bot. (I made $70 dollars today in 10 minutes, seriously.)
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You can get your payments via PayPal and Payoneer Mastercard. If you don't have these, you can simple go to PayPal if that gateway is what you want and if not, ordering a Fiverr Payoneer mastercard will be another choice for you. Get it delivered at your doorstep for free. For me, I already got a Payoneer from ShareCash, just linked it on my Fiverr account and there you go!

Minimum payment to withdraw using PayPal is much lower compared to the Fiverr Mastercard which is $20. Easy to obtain right? Plus, you do not need to wait unlike those get paid to sites that keeps you waiting for weeks and months.

Established Website
Highly organized, search engine optimized, real company, established and legitimate pioneer in the industry. They are one of the leading micro job website on the web. No traces of complaints and red flags, good reputation. Free to use.

Tips and Advice
Do you need skills in order to sell on Fiverr? The answer is no. But you need to think a little bit on how you will promote your gig inside and outside the said site. here's some of the best and easiest you can sell there:
  • logo making and editing
  • basic SEO (search engine optimization)
  • backlinks
  • advertisements space (text ad and banner ad)
  • blog mentions
  • traffic generation (blackhat and whitehat)
  • social marketing (facebook, twitter, instagram, etc.)
  • and more, think outside the box buddy.
Here's some tips in promotion:
  • write your ad properly
  • add keywords to your descriptions
  • pick the write tags
  • add a good image and video
  • know what your buyers want
  • grab their attention
  • prioritize your buyers so you can get good reviews (starts)
  • try to advertise your gig outside Fiverr (PPC, banners, Facebook ads, etc.)
  • be patient
  • don't be too greedy
  • and more!
 Making money on the web isn't that fast and safe. But if you need some extra cash and guaranteed payments, you can try this site. Proven and tested.

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