ClixSense Referral Program Review: Pros and Cons

Heya'. Sure you are here because of some tricky questions you got? Looking for the ClixSense Referral Program Review? You are in the right place because today I will show you what's best and what's not on's downline system.

What is ClixSense?
For those who do not recognize ClixSense, well, they are one of the best and the pioneer company that started the PTC (get paid to click) craze in 2007. This online money making website offers the most generous earning stream in the industry. REGISTER HERE

From PTC ads, small offers, micro tasks, surveys and even your downline.. you can get paid. There's also a lot of bonuses and contest running through out the month. As simple as this, they like to give money to those loyal earning members. ClixSense also got the cheapest premium membership which costs $17.00 for 1 year!

Now let's proceed to the topic.

ClixSense Referral Program
Every affiliate and marketing site has one. Yes ofcourse, they need to get members and they support having matrix or downline to get their website being viral on the web without doing anything. The members are the now getting sign-ups thus, more revenue for the company.

clixsense referral program review

Generous Commissions
They got the most generous downline system on PTC industry. Even tho you are a free member you still earn from your referrals without doing anything, no forced ad view, no direct referral limits. Some other sites offers good opportunity on these stuffs, BUT, has abusive limitations and not a cost efficient one which makes it pretty useless to have.

Pros - The Good Sides
  • No direct referral limitations
  • No forced ad view to get commissions
  • Sign-up bonus ($0.05 - $0.10)
  • Active referral bonus ($1.00 - $2.00)
  • Premium Membership commission ($1.00 - $2.00)
  • Has a tool that mass inform your direct referrals (text)
  • Detailed threaded downline statistics
  • Top 50 Daily and All Time Sponsors List (fame)
  • Splash pages supported
  • Make any page your ref link (even forums)
  • You can make your own campaign list (for tracking)
  • Complete referral tools like banners, html codes, etc. 
  • No rented referrals (ClixSense hate that)
  • etc.
See? You can't have all of that from those new and scam bux sites. You can't deny this is one of the best referral system you can ever have. Here's the bad sides of it below.

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Cons - The Bad Sides
  • Reversals (fraudulent, blackhat commissions and non active are reversed and returned to the company, tho this should be in the pros)
  • PayPal or processor required in order to sign-up for new members (reduces sign-up rate)
  • Deletes inactive referrals (lockout)
  • Referral links black listed in social media (facebook)
Everything has its bad sides and you know that. Nothing's perfect and you should admit that to yourself. ClixSense has the most generous referral program compared to all of the  PTC website on the web. I'm just worried about the site getting blacklisted on social media specially in Facebook.

IF you ever wanted to post your referral link there and get some sign-up then, you need to make your own landing page. Make a free hosted blog and write your promotional content or make a splash page that links to you.

Here's some way:
  • blogspot or blogger
  • easyhits4u splash page creator
  • rotators

Time to end this article. Good luck to your earnings journey to success, hope this blog helps.
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