Bubblews Review - Legitimate or Scam (bubblews.com)

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What is Bubblews (bubblews.com)
The site is categorized as revenue sharing program like what the others say and I strongly agree to that. They uses a system where the company's revenue is divided and shared to its beloved members. As simple as this - You create content, traffic will go naturally to your article, and you get paid per views and interactions.

bubblews review legit or scam

Is it Cool?
Yeah, maybe on some point. But if you will think of it deeply and analyze everything on how the site really works, it may be a different story.

Bubblews earns its inward income mostly from advertisements which is from what I can see is from Google Adsense. Cool for some people but not for me. Bubblews rely too much on advertisements and we know Google Adsense has too many issues on banning. Didn't get the point?

The Bad Sides
Bubblews relies too much on ads revenue and splits the total income and shared to thousands of its members. Unfortunately, can be sustainable but not a secured flow of earnings as this system might be the reason of the site's closure if Google decides to close their account because of some issues bla bla bla.

If their ads do not exist, revenue do not exist too. And that will be a very bad scenario. My mother always tell me, "never put your eggs in one basket" because if something wrong happen - it will gonna be a huge mess.

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No Payments, Scams, etc.
Some says they are paid, and some says they got scammed. The issue about fraud and non payments are getting too messy out there on Google search when talking about Bubblews review.

Here's a good example of user who got paid on Bubblews, http://ajwalton.com/the-ultimate-bubblews-review-the-good-bad-ugly/.

Few agrees that the site really pays and somewhat kinda picks its lucky users who will receive the payments. Here's some of those who says they are a good example of fraud victims, http://bubblews.pissedconsumer.com/

Fraud Issues
Bubblews LLC already been in the hot seat for a very long time. There are rumors that the said site only choose who are the ones will get paid, the rest gets deleted without prior notice. There are reports that their TOS is constantly changing causing problems to its honest members.

Do We Recommend Bubblews?
You can try it and test if they really pays. But we do not recommend joining this site. Too many complaints can be found on the internet, both valid and non valid. It's too suspicious for us. Time and effort consuming website.

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