ShareCash Review - Legitimate or Scam Site?

Hello there. It seems like you are looking for the ShareCash ( review. Well, you landed on the right article as today you will determine if they are legit or a scam site. Read more below!

ShareCash is a Paid-Per-Download site or PPD in short. This site is a CPA service broker which customized downloads to make it a source of money to its users. They operate in this way - User upload a file, then that file is locked by the site using a CPA survey. Each time someone unlock that file (completes the survey) and download it, the uploader makes money per lead. That simple.

Now here's the best part. Can i really make money on it?

ShareCash Earning Opportunities
As i've said earlier, users or uploaders gets paid per download or lead. The site's payrates is quite lower because they are not the official CPA provider, they are just broker that's why they pay a bit lower. BUT, you can assure that you are getting the best rates as they are the leading and the highest paying among PPD sites around.

How much can I earn from this site? It depends on the geo targeting. Commonly, high per download payrates can be found on leads coming from US, UK, CANADA. You can have $1.00+ depends on the survey.

I'm a ShareCash user and I'm getting $1.20 average per lead from US, UK, etc. and yes i'm getting paid by the site every month via Payoneer MasterCard and PayPal.

For me, this site is no doubt legitimate as they already operated and pioneered the industry for many years. These guys knows how to handle the business which started the PPD craze dated many years. Trusted site by many users excluding the ones mentioned on the issues below.

The Bad Sides
No one's perfect ofcourse. Everyone has bad sides. Big or small, legit or scam, pioneer or new, they all have. The following is an example of that.

ShareCash has some issues on banning accounts. There are too many people saying their accounts are deleted which includes their earnings without warning. I understand that, yes, because CPA industry needs to be strict when it comes to leads because of the reason that advertisers needs legit leads from the best traffic that's why these things are happening.

PPD users commonly uses blackhat methods when it comes to getting downloads. Common niches are hack, crack, generators, keys which can be considered as unethical and illegal. Advertisers don't want that and you can't blame ShareCash about that cause if the site don't do that, they will lose advertisers who spends money on their company.

ShareCash issues about misunderstanding and fraud issues. Because they are conducting lots of account banning, sometimes, honest users gets involved in the scene. That's why we can hear rumors that ShareCash has some hidden activities and we cannot tell if it is a valid or non valid complaints. Something's smelling fishy? No one knows.

Do We Recommend It?
Yes ofcourse. If you gets good amount of download every month then it is a nice idea to get some extra money from it. But incase you do not know how, there's a lot of forums out there that discusses CPA and PPD tutorials like CPAElites, HackForums, and more. Just make sure to follow every rules they have to avoid problems in the future.

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