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Looking for the latest MyPayingAds ( review? Determine if they are legitimate or scam site today! Read more below.

MyPayingAds is a RevShare or Revenue Sharing program which is in the mask of an advertising platform. Users or advertisers needs to purchase advertising worth $1 and up depends on what category you are included. You get paid for each days passes by.

Share starts at the cost of $1.00 each which has a return percentage of 120% or $1.20 per share with a rate of $0.05+ a day return on your main balance and $0.15+ return via your repurchase balance (if you are in the lower category who invested 5 shares).

Who's the owner? Well, as based on what we see and what we hear on forums, websites and micro blogs - a guy named Uday Nara is the one responsible. A proactive and quite trusted by some people out there, but for me, i don't know. Never heard of him this past years.

Is the site sustainable for the long run? I do not know. There's too many factors that affects the site's balance that's why it is very hard to predict what will be the outcome of the company. The only way is by investing on the said site and trying out what they have.

Am i an investor? Yes. Currently running 5 shares there which cost me $5.25 (with fees) which reduced my 120% return. Sad to know. If incase you want to join me and test the site, then click here. No one's forcing you to give them money, just try it out.

They pay via PayPal and some other processors in the market. Are they a legitimate revenue sharing program? Still no answer to that. Are they a scam site? There's a possibility.

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