RRPays Review - Legit or Scam (rrpays.com)

Searching for RRPays review? Want to know if rrpays.com is legitimate or scam site? You are in the right place. Read more below.

rrpays review legitimate or fraud site

RRPays is a paid to click or paid to view ads website. A business platform that offers PTC advertising service for a cheap price. They act as traffic broker between the advertiser that pays the site and the clicker that earns money from it, the rest will goes to the website. To know more on how paid to click works click here.

But you should also consider asking yourself before making any decisions first. Is RRPays.com legitimate, paying, or not? Are they paying or just a fake site?

RRPays Review - Legitimate or Fraud
Before joining joining any newly built money making programs, you should always make a habit of consulting pages and reviews about it. Here's some few points you need to know about them.
  • Bux Site
    Bux PTC websites are known when it comes to fraudulent activities. Most of them are built to scam people disappearing after bagging investors' money. But there is also few sites who have a legit business plan who just failed to stabilize the program and closed within months. Bux sites supports high payrates, expensive and abusive membership program, self sponsored ads, rented referrals, etc.. which makes them unbalanced.
  • Expensive and Abusive Upgrade
    The maximum upgrading fee is $3,000. Too expensive for just a membership.
  • Payrates
    Supports Euro as currency, higher value than Dollars so expect the site to offer more higher view ads payrates, etc. It isn't good for a PTC to spend to much on self sponsored ads especially they are new.
  • Problematic Service
    LinxPays is their sister site. This website encounters some gateway problem which is not a good sign of productivity and legitimacy.

  • LinxPays
    Owned by the same operator. A problematic PTC site.
 As of this review, we do not recommend you to use this site. We don't see any reason to excert time joining such site that costs too much for nothing. Infact, problems might arise in the future businessdays for RRPays, expect that. If they fail to stabilize their business, it will be the end of their journey.

I am also pretty pissed hearing the word "trusted admin of" over and over again. Sometimes I feel like they just put it there without standing for it. I have a doubt if RRPays is safe for investors and newcomers.

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