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Searching for the latest review of RoyalPTR ( Want to know if they are a legitimate or a fake scam site? Then you landed in the right article, read more below.

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RoyalPTR is a paid to click (PTC) and paid to read (PTR) website. Also known as traffic brokers, they do business between advertisers who pays them and registered users who clicks the ad publishers ads in exchange for some cents. The problem here is not all of PTC sites are real and paying. Most of them especially bux sites pretends they are and that's why we are here.

RoyalPTR Review - Legitimate or Fraud Site
Base on our checkings, we suggest to stay away from this paid to click site as they are a certified scam site. We compiled some reasons to support our verdict for this online business. Please read the bullets below.
  • Too Good To Be True
    Promising too much to users. €1000 sign-up bonus, €100 - €200 paid to read ads, €100 worth paid to click ads is an example of that. It's just too much, obviously. There's no money making site that pays that huge amount of cash.
  • Crazy Minimum Cashout
    €20,000 what the hell? Who in this world would pay you that huge amount? No one! I myself as an internet marketer don't have the ability to earn like that in such a period of time from a crappy scam website.
  • Fake Statistics Overview
    24,000 members but paid 244,000,000 seriously? If they were an investment site maybe there's some reason to believe but hell no! They are a PTC and PTR site, normally, these types of sites pays the lowest in the industry.
  • Fake Payment Proofs - Screenshots
    I thought they have a €20,000 minimum cashout? How come they have €5,000 cashouts? They were just a modified screenshots from the owner and I am sure of that.
I wasn't born yesterday and so are you. Don't ever fall for these types of fraudulent sites. already scamming people since 2012, be careful. See below for our recommended sites.

What We Recommend?
Never ever fall for scam sites. Always use a trusted, legitimate, paying and proven effective money making site like ClixSense! ClixSense is a paid to click website online and paying on time every time since February 2007. Has 4.5 million registered members that has been paid a total of $10,000,000 plus.

royalptr review legitimate or fraud site

- Free to register
- Low minimum cashout
- Pioneer company
- We've been paid multiple times

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