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If you are looking for the FMPTR ( review then you are in the right place. Today we will discuss the site if they are legitimate or scam website. Read more below!

FMPTR is a get paid to click (PTC) and paid to read (PTR) type of site combined. Users are paid to read emails or messages and paid to view ads. But as usual, the problem arises when it comes to legitimacy. That's why we are here.. Are this website a fraud and fake one? Then proceed below. Review - Legit or Fraud Site
By checking the website, we made a decision to mark this business as certified scam site. Please read the following bullets below to know more as to why we finalized the verdict above.
  • Too Good To Be True
    The internet marketing industry has a number one rule when talking about a certain business' legitimacy - If it is too good to be true then there is a great chance it is a scam.
    • Free Asus ZenBook for Premium Members
      This is a joke. Don't even try to believe them. They just want your money, nothing else. They will do everything to bag your hard earned cash so be careful
    • $100 per PTR click
      Paid to read advertisements normally compensate clickers some cents or more. $100 is just hard to believe.
    • $50 per PTC click
      OMG. Everyone knows paid to click ads only compensate you from $0.0005 - $0.02+. There is no legitimate and paying PTC website that will give you such money instantly.
    • $500 Sign-up Bonus
      What the hell? That's 20,000 Php. The day you register, you instantly get rich.
  • High Minimum Cashout
    $10,000 USD minimum balance to cashout is just very impossible for a small time company like to give away.
  • RoyalPTR Fraud Network
    This website is included in a scam network of PTR sites. Here's the list of those sites below:
You should be very careful when picking the right website to make money with. One should break the habit of joining new sites without understanding its environment, how it works and what is the background of the company. It isn't just a risky behaviour, it can also waste huge amount of your time.

What We Recommend?
ClixSense! An all time favourite to many of us when it comes to online money making. It isn't just a safe place to make some extra cash, it is also a very sustainable, balanced and established company so you can earn with a peace of mind. ClixSense is online and paying since 2007, has 4.5 million members worldwide paid a total of $10,000,000 dollars.

fmptr review scam site

Ways to Earn
- get paid to click or view ads
- do small tasks and offers
- answer high paying daily surveys
- refer members (optional)
- bonuses and commissions
- complete checklist
- play adgrid

ClixSense is
- free to register for life
- cheap upgrades (optional)
- easy and user friendly
- leading PTC site
- pioneer company since 2007
- paying weekly via PayPal and Paytoo
- etc.

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