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Searching for the latest review of 10000DollarPTC (10000dollarptc.com)? Want to know if they are legitimate, real and paying or just a fake, not paying, scam? Let's take a closer look!

10000 Dollar PTC is a paid to click website (PTC). Users gets paid to view ads available and do other stuffs like referring members, etc. This sites are traffic brokers in between advertisers that pays for advertising campaigns and users who gets paid a fraction of what the advertiser paid for. The problem is that not all of these sites really pays cash. Most of them are just fraud. That's the reason why we are here - to guide you and help you determine which is scam.

10000DollarPTC Review - Legitimate or Fraud Site
By checking the site, we found out some critical informations you might want to know before playing around with them. They are a SCAM SITE. Please read the bullet below to know why and to see the reason that supports the verdict.
  • Too Good To Be True
    Like we always say, too good to be true promises are bad for your online money making career. If you think that their offers are like dreams, then you might be having business with a fraudulent company.
    • $2,000,000 minimum cashout
      This is BS. First impression from this site i know they are a not real. Who in this world would pay that huge amount? No one!
    • $10,000 per click
      Another one. There is no such kind of payrates that really exist in the industry of PTC. This isn't real ofcourse.
  • Fake Statistics Overview
    They have a modified statistics board on its homepage. 10000DollarPTC only got 700 active members, how come they already paid too much in total? $200 million seriously? Do that mean they already paid out 200 count of $2,000,000 to its users? LOL.
  • New Online Visions LLC Fraud Network
    This site is included in the newest network of fake and non paying PTC collection of New Online Visions. Be aware of these sites below:
    Here's an example of their sites:
    100DollarPTC Review 
Please, if you encounter one of these sites, do not dare to entertain one. They are built to scam new comers who are not familiar with them. They even advertise those in the list on some popular site! Be careful guys.

What We Recommend?
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10000 dollar ptc review 2015 scam site
- free to join
- registered company
- has lots of members
- has an active forum
- since 2007
- reliable and balance

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