RevenueBux Review - Legit or Scam Site (

Looking for RevenueBux ( Review? Are they legitimate or scam site? Let's take a look!

revenuebux review legit or scam site 2015

RevenueBux is a paid to click site (PTC). They pay users to click available ads on the site and more. If you don't know how these kind of sites work. They act as broker between advertisers who pays for ads and users who clicks the ads posted by advertisers. The question is, are they real or fake fly-by-night business?

RevenueBux Review - Legitimate or Fraud
By checking their site, we found out some informations that might help you decide if you will join or not. Please proceed to the bullet below.
  • A Bux Site
    Bux sites are known scammers and big failures. Their platform supports a very unstable and unbalanced business making them unreliable to money makers. Known for their expensive and abusive upgrades, limitations, high payrates self sponsored ads, rented referrals, and more.
  • High Payrates
    A normal paid to click site only pays $0.01 below per ad click. Exceeding may cause debts to pile up. It will also adds up to the reason why the site has non stable environment.
  • Referral Program
    They offer a wopping 100%-400% own click and direct referral click rates. I'm very skeptic if they can sustain and pay that huge outward money.
  • Unstable, Unbalanced, Not Managed Properly
    Everything adds up to this. Too much money going outward the site. Not properly managed which seems like they have no clear plan to engage. Low quality.
NOT RECOMMENDED SITE - The reason as to why we gave a verdict like this for RevenueBux ( is because of the informations posted above. They are a new bux site that offers pretty high payrates for ad views, gives too much outward money thru own click and referral program which may cause failure and massive debts, and more. A very unusual and low quality.

What We Recommend
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revenuebux review real paying or fraud 2015
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  • do tasks and offers
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  • refer members
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  • and more!

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