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phoenixbux review legitimate or scam site 2015

PhoenixBux is a paid to click site (PTC) which aims to pay its users per click, per PTSU task, and referring members. A PTC site, if you don't know, they act as broker between advertisers that pay the site and users that clicks the ads posted by advertisers or publishers. The problem, as usual - are they real, paying or fake scammer?

PhoenixBux Review - Legit or Fraud
We checked the site earlier and found out some informations you might wanna know. Informations is a great help in determining fraud from legit sites so please, kindly read it to help you decide.
  • A Bux Site
    I don't judge on the script used by owners, I am just pointing out the fact that this platform is widely used to bag money from thousands or even millions of people. They are known for supporting a very unstable and unbalanced program which leads to failure or fly-by-night issues. Bux sites commonly support expensive and abusive upgrades, high paying self sponsored ads, limitations, rented referrals, and more.
  • Expensive Upgrades
    Like what i said above, you can rarely see a bux site that sells cheap upgrades. This is a very important matter because if you purchase with that huge amount but knowing you are not good at stuffs like referring or buying RRs then it will be a money loss for you. Plus, adding the fact that most bux sites don't last long.. How can you afford to buy those? We consider $50-$100+ memberships as expensive.
  • Limited Earning Source
    As we write this review the only income source we see is paid to click (ad view), paid to sign-up, and referring members. Expect low and limited "own" earnings.
  • Encrypted Connection
    PhoenixBux supports SSL or secure sockets layer security feature to bullet proof the site users from hackers.
  • Self-Sponsored Ads
    Ads from the owner or admin. This kind of paid to click ads only relies on leads, that means no leads no income for the site and they are only releasing too much money to pay debts getting nothing in exchange. This field also adds up as to why a bux site always fail in no time.
We will not recommend this site for you but you can try it if you really want to join. Just make sure to test the site first before making any transactions like advertising, upgrades, payments, etc. Investing on new sites is not a very good idea. Anything is possible to happen here. It can grow, develop, or fail and go scam.

What We Recommend
Let me introduce you ClixSense. One of the leading and most trusted paid to click site in the industry. They are already paying and operating online since 2007. Has 4 million plus active members, paid almost $10,000,000 in total. A pioneer company, a name you can trust.

phoenixbux review legit or fraud site 2015
  • get paid to view ads
  • do tasks and offers
  • answer high paying surveys
  • win checklist bonus, clixgrid, contests
  • refer members
  • earn sales and upgrades commissions
  • and more..

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