MahiClix Review - Legitimate or Scam (

Looking for MahiClix review? Want to know if they are a legitimate paying website or a scam site? Then let's see! See more below.

mahiclix review legitimate or scam site 2015

MahiClix is a paid to click site (PTC) which serves as a traffic broker between advertisers who pays the site and users or clickers who gets paid for cents part from what the company gets. Registered clickers earn money through viewing advertisements, paid to sign-up, mahigrid, and more. The problem is, are they real or fake? Paying or not?

MahiClix Review - Legit or Fraud
Before joining any money making site, you should first read informations about it first as part of safety measures and avoiding fraudulent websites that might bag your hard earned money and precious time. Please read the bullets below to learn more about this paid to click business.
  • Beta Tested
    A good sign of excellent management. Although not considered as legitimacy factor, a testing initial phase can mold and stabilize newly built businesses as it will pin point errors, faulty, bugs, etc. and the owner can make adjustments anytime if they see anything not properly implemented like plans, commissions, advertising platform and more but not limited here.
  • Forced View
    You cannot view ads if you will not unlock the section.
  • A Bux Site
    Bux sites are known for scams and closures. These kind of sites are mostly unbalanced, unstable, and unreliable. Sites that supports high paying sponsored ads, expensive and abusive upgrades, rented referrals, limitations, changes and more.
  • Very Expensive Upgrade
    $1,200 (20% discounted) max upgrade? Who in his right mind would buy that kind of membership? You simply dont buy such kind. Even if you are good at getting direct referrals ROI is impossible. Even if you are very good at renting referrals, ROI can be possible, but again you need to pay for it.
  • Possible Risk and Failure
    Like what we always say, new sites are at high risk of failing because of mismanagement, unbalance and non stable environment, lack of revenue and more. Especially they have less advertisers to get money with. They are relying mostly on upgrades sales.
NOT RECOMMENDED TO NOOBS. This MahiClix is not a newcomer friendly business. We do not recommend it personally but you can test it if you want. If you are planning to deposit money on them please make sure that your money is in safe hands. Be reminded that fly-by-night fraud businesses lurks and acts as if they are a legit one.

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mahiclix review legit or fraud site

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