Cash1337 Review - Scam or Legitimate (

Looking for Cash1337 ( review? Want to know if they are legitimate or a scam site? You landed on the right place! We found out the answer, please read it below.

cash1337 review real or fraud 2015

Cash1337 is a paid to promote website (PTP) which pays its users to deliver visitors to the said website. Minimum withdrawal is $15 thru PayPal, Payza, Check, Bank and more. Unfortunately we discovered a very important information about this site.

Cash1337 Review - Legit or Fraud
By checking internally, we found out a very crucial info, we encourage you to stay away from them and do not register as they are a scam. Read the bullets below as to why we concluded a verdict like this.
  • Too Good to Be True
    A legitimate Paid to promote site commonly pays a cent for a thousand view. It is very impossible for a company to pay users $1 per valid hits as this may cause a non stable program. Too good? Yes. There is nothing in the industry that really pay the way they do.
  • A Liar
    Certified trusted program with IVS 207 certification - Trusted business USA? Really? We don't care whatever certificate they have one thing is for sure about them. They are liars.
  • Unupdated Website
    Old, rubbish and unupdated website is all they got. They want your money and nothing else.
  • Too Many Complaints
    Negative feedbacks, valid consumer complaint, red labeled, bad reviews. You can see so much of these on Google. Please check it out using the keyword "cash1337 review".
  • Scam Network is one of the website included on the same network of non paying businesses that scams people around the web. Please watch your moves especially signing-up to these:
What We Recommend
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cash1337 review legit or scam 2015
  • get paid to click
  • do tasks and offers
  • answer surveys
  • watch videos
  • win on clixgrid, checklist, and contests
  • refer members
  • sales and upgrade commissions
  • no selling, no investing required
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