44Bux Review - Legitimate or Scam Site (44bux.com)

Looking for 44Bux (44bux.com) Review 2015? Are they legitimate or a scam website? Then you are in the right place! Read more below.

44bux review legitimate or scam 2015

44Bux is a paid to click website (PTC). It pays users by click ads, win on ClixGrid, PTSU and more. Paid to click sites acts as brokers between valuable and paying advertisers and users that clicks the ads posted by them in exchange for cents. Fraction of it goes to the 44Bux. Now the problem is, are they real, paying, legit or just a fake, fraudulent, fly by night business model?

44Bux Review - Legit or Fraud
By checking this site, we come up with some informations that might help you decide wheather to trust them or not. Please read the corresponding bullets below to know more about them.
  • A Bux Site
    This website is a bux paid to click site. This kind of sites are known for scams and failures. Their trademark are expensive and abusive upgrades, limitations, rented referrals, high paying self sponsored ads, and more.
  • High Paying Self-Sponsored Ads
    They support a high paying $0.02 and $0.01 self-sponsored ads or those ads that comes directly from the owner or the admin. This ads only rely on leads, if there is no leads then there is no income for the site and they only spend money to pay members for nothing thus, increasing debts. This is a very crucial side since a paid to click should have a consistent advetiser purchases which bux sites do not have.
  • Expensive Upgrades
    As usual, a very expensive multi-upgrade system that can boost your income. No matter how good it increases your income, if you do not obtain a huge number of rented or direct referrals, still, you will get nothing. My point here base on my experience is that ROI or return on investments will be impossible if you are not good at getting referrals, now if you plan to rent referrals then you will spend again and again which makes your spending sky rocket. My question is, can you get that return in a matter of months or year? Hell no. What if the site go scam? What now?
  • Limited Income Source
    The only income stream we see is few. Specifically.. view ads, 44grid, and as their tabs shows, they have a paid to sign-up. This might limit your income potential on 44Bux.
NOT RECOMMENDED - We see this business as a mismanaged and unbalanced site. They spend too much money away and that will make their program fail in a matter of months or year if lucky. Don't really know if they are a website that wants to commit fraud but one this is for sure, you can't rely on it for a long period of time. Expect problems to arise as the site grows.

What We Recommend
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44bux review real paying or fraud 2015
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