SkyClix Review - Legitimate or Scam Site (

Hi there! Looking for SkyClix Review? Want to know if they are legitimate business or just a scam site? Then read our checkings below!

skyclix review legitimate or Scam Site

SkyClix is a paid to click (PTC) business that pays its registered members to view ads on the site. PTC acts as a broker between advertisers and clickers or members. Advertisers publishes ads and clickers gets paid by viewing it. They get paid part of what the publishers pay. The problem is, is SkyClix a fake site?

SkyClix Review - Legitimate or Fraud Business?
By reviewing this paid to click business, we have found out some points you should remember before playing around with them. Please take a look at it.
  • A Bux Site
    The website name says they are a Clix site but unfortunately, they are not. This business is a bux website that operates using the same old classic modified script. As usual there is a very expensive and abusive upgrades, rented referrals, high click rates, and more
  • Abusive and Expensive Upgrades
    $350 upgrade per month X 12 months = $4,200 a year? What the hell! Who in this world would buy upgrade on such price? A normal clix site only offers $20+ normally.
  • High Click Rates
    Based on their upgrades page, they offer a $0.005 - $2.00 per click and $0.02 - $20 daily earnings. Sounds too good to be true right? You are not wrong.. It really is too good to be true.
  • Very Low Cashout Minimum
    $0.05 - $0.10 what the... again. This is enough. This set of cashout minimum is not good for the company basing from the fact that they offer too high earning rates.
SCAM SITE. Please avoid this paid to click website and stop before signing-up. This website is built to scam people and nothing else. If you will collect all the details, you can see it very clear that this site is not real and just a fake fly-by-night fraudulent business.

The Most Trusted and Legit PTC
Introducing ClixSense. The most reliable and trusted paid to click website on the internet. Has 4 million members and paid over $10,000,000 dollars in total. Paying on time, everytime since 2007.

skyclix review real or fraud ptc

- stable business

- paying weekly
- generous direct referral commissions
- huge bonuses and sales commissions
- 8 level deep
- cheap $17 upgrade membership
- free to join, no invest needed
- 100% legitimate website

If you are planning to earn for long term then ClixSense is the right choice for you. Make money online with the peace of mind, safety, and reliability. Stop wasting your time on bux and fake sites.

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