SamClix Review - Legitimate or Scam (

Looking for SamClix ( Review? Is it legitimate website or scam business? Find out more by reading below.

samclix review real or fraud

SamClix is a paid to click website. PTC sites acts as broker between advertisers who pays and users who get paid. By clicking ads, doing tasks and offers, completing sign-ups, playing games like heads or tails - you will be compensated as what they promise. The question now, is this website real or fake? Is it a legitimate or fraud business website?

SamClix Review - Legit or Scam
Before executing on this site weather you are an advertiser or a clicker, you should consider one of these informations below first.
  • A Bux Site
    Bux paid to click platform are known for having unstable, abusive, and unreliable system. Most of them are scam site, some are paying but closes in short period of time because of the reason i said earlier.
  • High Payrates
    Like we always say, too good payrates are good at first, yes, it can give you fast income but in the end it will just add up to the reason as to why the site will fall down. $0.02 and $0.01 per click? No legit site support this kind of micro ads.
  • Referral Program
    300% per own click and referral click commission is just "too good to be true". It's awesome for those who don't know how to pin point fraudulent sites but for us, it is non existing. Too good promises is a very good sign that something fishy is happening.
  • Limitations
    By the time we write this review, SamClix only allows standard members to refer 20 members. It seems like they are forcing free members to upgrade to higher membership.
SamClix fraud? We cannot say by now but one thing is sure.. We will not recommend this PTC website since they made a very unstable program. Soon they will encounter issues because of having a mismanaged business in the future.

Recommended Legit PTC
Let me introduce you ClixSense. The number 1 paid to click in the industry. The leading competitor of sites like NeoBux, WordLinx, CashnHits, BuxP and more. They are operating since February 2007 and already have a 5 million active members strong. Paid already a total of $10,000,000 to registered users without missing a payment. Owned and managed by a trusted owner of AdHitz Ads, a name you can trust.

samclix review legit or scam site

- earn up to $0.05+ per click
- $0.01 - $0.10+ per task
- $0.10+ per offers
- $1.00 per survey completed
- 20% referral commission
- referral activity commission
- referral sign-up bonus
- upgrade bonus
- sales
- cheap $17 upgrade (optional only)
- free to register

In joining websites, you should consider its stability and balance. Signing-up on a paying site is pointless if they will just close their business in a month. You should remember that if you are executing for a long term income, stick to a reliable one.

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