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Looking for PTCExpress ( Review? Want to know if they are legitimate or scam site? You are in the right place! Read more below.

ptcexpress review legitimate or scam site 2015
PTCExpress is a paid to click website that promises users to get paid by viewing ads and completing paid to sign-up offers. PTC websites acts as a broker between advertisers who pay and members or clickers who get paid. As simple as that. Advertisers pay for ads, members clicks the ads and they get paid, PTCExpress gets a portion of it. The question now, is this business real or fraud?

PTCExpress Review - Legit or Fraud?
Before signing-up with this site, please take time to read our blog first and consider these things below. It is a good habit reading stuffs like these checkings before executing on a certain money making site.
  • A Bux Site
    These kind of site are know as scammers and failures. Bux sites usually have a very unstable environment and operates in an unbalanced manner resulting to big failures and unpaid debts to users. Most of the time, they are used to bag money and disappears within months.
  • High Pay Rates
    $0.02 standard ad each and $0.01 micro ad each (self sponsored). Quite high for a small time paid to click site like this. It is a good sign that these site pays too much money outward from the company and may result to a very unstable business. A very bad habit.
  • Lack of Earning Options
    By the time this review is written, the site only offers two earning stream. One is the "view ads" and two is the "PTSU" or "paid to sign-up". You might get some low earning potential on this website.
  • Expensive Upgrades
    A normal PTC site only offers upgrade worth $100 plus or minus and that's for a whole year not month. PTCExpress sells upgrade membership with a max of $800 for a year.
  • Unstable Business
    300% of own click and 200% of referral click? Their ads are $0.02 so meaning that is X3 own click and X2 referral click. Fast earning but that means they also spends too much money outward very fast and massive. What if they low inward revenues? What will happen next? Close the site?
Before you sign-up on a certain site, make sure to check the details and informations thoroughly to avoid issues in the future. We will not recommend PTCExpress since their platform as it looks like is not that reliable in the long term.

Recommended Legit PTC Site
Let me introduce you ClixSense. The only and the most legitimate paid to click site in the world next to its competitors. 5 million members strong, paid $10,000,000 in total already, operating since 2007 up to present without missing even a single payment. Highly recommended for money makers like you. review 2015 real or fraud

They have a generous referral commissions like activity bonuses, sign-up bonuses, upgrade and sales commissions, and more! They offer a very low $17 worth of 1 year premium membership. ClixSense also have too many options of earning like ads, task, offers, surveys, clixgrid, referral program, sales, contests, checklists and more. Get the most out of it!

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