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Hello! Looking for Paid4Clicks ( Review? Is this program a legitimate or scam site? You landed on the right place, read more details below.

paid4clicks review legitimate or scam site

Paid4Clicks is a get paid to website. Users are paid to complete CPA offers by answering and filling up surveys in the form of link locker. You should also take note that they are not a paid to click (PTC) site which most visitors get confused to because of what the website claims to be.

Paid4Clicks Review - Legitimate or Fraud?
By checking the site, we have found out some critical informations that you should know before playing around with this business. Please read bullets below.
  • $2.00 Sign-up Bonus
    They give each new members who sign-up on the site a $2.00 bonus money. This is too big for a small time business. If you will give out 2 each person, it will be the reason why the site will fail. They wasn't even well-know so im very sure they do not have that much income.
  • $1.00 per Referral
    And this adds up too. The reason above is too much, if you add this one, it will be a bad signal that something suspicious going on with this site. There's no one over the internet will give you such money for just 1 referral. Even ClixSense, a bigtime PTC doesn't give that much. it's impossible for short.
  • Referring Required
    Bad news. They require you to invite 20 members first before getting paid. Unfortunately, if you do that, you still will not get any payments. Please read details below for why is it.
  • Fake Statistics
    If you go to their leaderboard, you might notice they have a 'hall of fame" section. They are fake. I have never seen a statistics board in the industry that gives that amount. Think about it.. If they pay great amount of money, how come they aren't famous or well known to money makers? Get what I mean? Also, I'm pretty skeptic they got 140,000 members and paid $117,000 to them.
Not Recommended!
They are just there to scam people. They will not pay you, they just want you to complete a survey because that will pay them. They also offers very high referral commission for the same goal.. To gather more members that will complete their CPA surveys and nothing else. You earn, they get paid.. But you will not.

Let me introduce you ClixSense. The leading paid to click website in the industry. ClixSense has 4 million active members strong. Paid over $10,000,000 in total to its active users. Registered and 100% legitimate business operating since 2007.

paid4clicks review real or fraud site

- get paid to click, do tasks, offers, surveys and more!

- unlimited direct referrals
- generous 8 level referral system
- cheap upgrades, optional only
- free to register, for life
- huge commissions and bonuses
- no investment needed

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