CryptoClix Review - Legit or Scam (

Looking for CryptoClix ( 2015 Review? Want to know if they are legitimate or scam site? You are in the right place.

cryptoclix review legitimate or scam site 2015

CryptoClix is a paid to click website. Users are getting paid to view ads, join websites on PTSU offers, join the Crypto Lottery, play heads or tails and more. If you do not know how PTC sites operates, they act as a broker between advertisers who pays and members that view the advertisements earning them cents each. Now, the question is.. Are they real or just a fake fraudulent website?

CryptoClix Review - Legit or Fraud
By checking their site, we have found some informations that might help you decide weather you will join them or ignore them. Informations are very crucial when it comes to decisions especially if you are a money maker that spends much time and money on PTCs. This is to avoid problems, time and financial losses.
  • A Bux Site
    This kind of paid to click sites are known for scamming and or failures, closures. Bux sites normally has poor management and administration, unbalanced and unstable business, expensive upgrades, high paying (which also adds up why they are unreliable), limitations, self sponsored ads supported, abusive upgrades, and more.
  • Normal Payrates
    You can earn $0.001 - $0.0005 per click on their self sponsored ads, $0.05 per completed paid to sign-up offers, and more. Nothing unusual. But we noticed they are all self-sponsored meaning to say they are relying on the ads leads and sign-ups. This is a bad habit and a trademark of bux sites.
  • Gambling
    PayPal hates gambling. They may lose their funds and accounts if their gateway found that out. This is another mistakes always made by this kind of site.
Like we always say, NEW SITES are not recommended but free to try if there is nothing unusual on the company's movement. But that doesn't mean they aren't gonna scam you. If you are going to try new bux sites, please watch for unusual activity on the site. Usually, if the site is not paying or having some issue, it will recieve complaints and reports internally and externally.

We Recommend BuxP
Let me introduce you BuxP. One of the leading and legitimate PTC website. This site is one of the pioneers in the industry. Online and paying on time everytime since 2008 so you can make money online with a peace of mind knowing that they will not go fraud or will not close the site as they are stable, balanced and 100% legitimate. review real paying or fake site 
  • get paid to view ads
  • do tasks and offers
  • watch videos
  • earn money on traffic exchange
  • get paid by referring members
  • 50% - 100% generous direct referral activity commission
  • sales and upgrades commission and more!
  • free to register, for life

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