ClickCrazey Review - Legitimate or Scam (

Searching for ClickCrazey ( 2015 Review? Want to know if they are a legitimate or scam site? Well, we have found out the answers for you. Take a look below.

clickcrazey review legitimate or scam site 2015

ClickCrazey is a paid to click website that offers members a compensation for every ad views and more get paid to routines. PTC sites acts as brokers between advertisers and members. The advertiser pays on the site to publish ads and then clickers view that advertisements for cents as earnings in exchange from their work. The problem here is.. Are they a fraudulent website or a legitimate business?

ClickCrazey Review - Fraud
We already checked the site and by the first impression and based on what we see and informations fetched, this website is a scam paid to click site please stay away from their network. Here's to why we finalized such a verdict like this:
  • Very High Payrates
    10 counts of $0.05 standard ads and a never ending count of $0.01 micro ads. We see this as a very impossible and a non existing payrates for a small time PTC site. No one in the industry pays such very high amount of money per ads.
  • Very High Paid to Promote Rates
    Per unique visits via PTP url, you get paid a wopping $0.01 each. Again, like what i just said above.. This do not exist in the PTP industry.
  • $50.00 Minimum to Cashout
    Who the hell is the admin of this site? $50 seriously? Pioneers will just laugh at it if they see that.
  • Rotates Traffic
    Their network is consisted of fake sites rotating traffic and passing it to each other leaving nothing wasted. Similarities can be seen on each one of them. They are building a ponzi network.
  • Too Good to Be True
    Very high click payrates, high PTP rates, very high cashout.. Everything is a lie in this website.
Fraudulent and fake websites always acts as if they are real. What they don't know is that, their lies can be easily detected just by checking their business. We are in this field since 2011 and already seen the diferrence between real and fraud. We already have been scammed so many times. There are pro and there are those weaklings who just wanted to grab money from people using low quality sites like ClickCrazey. Never fall for them or atleast, be warned and stay informed if you are not sure on what to do.

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clickcrazey review legit or fraud 2015

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