BuxRain Review - Legitimate or Scam Site (buxrain.net)

Looking for BuxRain (buxrain.net) Review? Want to know if they are legitimate or scam site? Then you are in the right place. Read more below!

buxrain review legitimate or scam site 2015

BuxRain is a paid to click website. You can get paid by viewing ads and more. If you do not know how PTC sites work then, they act as the broker between advertisers who pays and users who gets paid part of what the advertisement publisher pays for, the rest goes to BuxRain. The problem here is, are they real or fake? Are they going to scam you?

BuxRain Review - Legitimate or Fraud
Before joining a money making website, a user must first search and read informations about it. The answer as to why is because most of these new sites pops up in nowhere and closes in no time the same rate as they appeared and developed making it very unsafe for everyone. Here's some info about this site that might help you a bit to decide weather you will join or not.
  • A Bux Site
    Bux sites commonly are scam. Their trademarks are fraud activities, abusive upgrades, unbalanced and unstable business, high paying self sponsored ads, major changes, limitations, rented referrals and more. There are only few bux sites that really pay.
  • Self Sponsored Ads
    Advertisements on their "view ads" section are from the admin, not from the advertisers. Making it unreliable to trust into. Without leads and converts, that ads don't give income to them meaning to say, they will be giving huge amount of money outward the company if it has low convertion rates.
  • Lack of Earning Source
    You can earn, but that will be limited as they only support view ads and adgrid. Quite limited. If you are a fan of GPT sites then this is not for you.
  • Points System
    Not sure if they are source of money. I heard it is based on their statements early this coming May. Expect spammers. If there are spammers, there will be suspension spree.
BuxRain is NOT RECOMMENDED BUT FEEL FREE TO TEST. If you want to register, then go but be careful as we do not recommend you to join new sites like this one. Test the site first before spending a lot of money. Unusual activities should be reported to authorities and review websites like us.

We Recommend BuxP
If you want a real and paying business then try BUXP. They are paying on time everytime since 2008. Has hundreds of thousands of active members. Paid already thousands of dollars to users. One of the pioneers of the paid to click industry so you know they are a name you can trust.

buxrain review real or fraud 2015
  • pioneer and established company, 100% legitimate
  • online and paying since 2008
  • generous 50% to 100% referral commissions
  • cheap upgrades
  • sales and upgrades commission
  • lots of earning sources
  • a name you can trust
  • free to register, forever!

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