5CentPTC Review - Legit or Scam Site (5centptc.com)

Searching for 5CentPTC (5centptc.com) Review 2015? Want to know if this site is legitimate or scam site? You are in the right place because we have found the answers for your questions.
5centptc review legitimate or scam website 2015

5CentPTC is a paid to click service. Users gets paid by viewing ads and promoting the site. Paid to click or PTC businesses acts like a broker between real advertisers and users or clickers. Advertisers publishes ads on the site, users clicks those ads delivered and earn cents in exchange. The question here is.. Are they real or just a fake fraudulent and non paying site?

5CentPTC Review - Fraud Website
Please stay away with this website as they are marked as a SCAM SITE by us. Please see details below as to why this verdict is given to such operation.
  • Very High Click Rates
    10 counts of $0.05 standard ads and a never ending list of $0.01 micro ads. Too high for a small time business operation. This kind of payrates per click is too impossible to maintain as they will be needing to spend too much money outward the company. We believe this is just a complete lie.
  • $50.00 Minimum Withdrawal
    Too high minimum balance needed to be allowed to cashout. But we are skeptic that you will get your money even though you reach that requirement.
  • Scam Network - Ponzi (New Online Visions LLC)
    Whoever the admin of these sites, for sure.. They are building a network of scam sites that will be used for fraudulent activities and will rotate the traffic inside it over and over again. Please be cautious because fly-by-night businesses like this always generates multiple ones as they are maximizing the money to bag before running away. 32 sites? Wow.
  • Low Quality Website
    The platform sucks. No one will ever use that crap. A complete waste of time, do not dare to use them unless you are willing to regret in the future.
  • Too Good to Be True
    High paying, High minimum cashout, massive number of high paying ads, 32 websites in the network operated by the same admin, etc. They are just too good and we believe this network of unreal biz will just waste your time and money.
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5centptc review real or fraud site 2015

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