SVPBUX Review - Real or Scam? (

Hi, we've meet again! Are you looking for SVPBux review? Want to know if it is a true, legitimate website? Well let's see. Read our short review below. Review Legit or Fraud
First of all, if you are new on paid to click websites, those sites are called PTC or short for paid to click services which allows members to earn money from its advertisers ads and other stuffs like PTSU or paid to sign-ups, tasks, and more.. You can learn more here how paid to click businesses operates.

SVPBux - Real or Fake site?
Now, looking at this website is too easy. I did checked their 'view ads' sections and here's what i discovered, please read this bullet below:
  • High Payrates
    - basing from what they say and what i can see, they are paying $0.08 per click total and that is very high for a small time business like this. This is a sign that a site isn't balanced correctly.
  • Self Sponsored Ads
    - this is a very bad idea especially when their ads doesn't work out for them. bad leads, bad company revenues and bad company income is unstable business.
And wait.. they also have:
  • Low Minimum Withdrawal
    - the lower the cashout minimum, the higher chance a member can withdraw in a short period of time. Maybe a good thing for members, bad a bad and a wrong move for a business like PTC.
  • Poor Quality
    - low quality service, scripting, buggy, too many errors, ugly website, etc.
This website is a 'bux' site and bux sites are destined to be a scam site. Say what you want to say but if I were you i wouldn't waste my time on this website. I already saw too many sites like this scamming people so better watch out if you decided to execute on it. People nowadays can make a website like this with a cheap start up cost so never fall for them.

The Only Legitimate PTC Website
Here's my recommendation for you. Join ClixSense and stop wasting your time on that scam site I mentioned above. Paid too many times. 4 million members worldwide, paid a total of $10,000,000 to active members. Operating since 2007. Elite and established US based company.

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If you really are serious about making money online, then stop falling for those fraud and fake websites. Stop signing-up because you want to make fast income. Sign-up because you want a long term source of money to make a living.

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