SporeBux Review - Legitimate or Scam (sporebux.com)

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SporeBux Review Legit or Scam Site 2015
SporeBux (sporebux.com)

Is a paid to click website that aims to pay its members by viewing available advertisements. Advertisers pay for buying an advertisement package and SporeBux takes their part of it and the fraction left are credited to viewers or members. To know more how paid to click (PTC) sites operate click here.

Is SporeBux a Scam?
Let's take a look. This website is managed by a company or individual stated by themselves as SporeBux LLC, we dont know if it is registered or what but one thing for sure they are new players in paid to click as we have never heard of them in the past.
    - If you are a money maker in the past years, you surely know that 90% of newly born paid to click money making websites started paying and come closing in just months of its operations. and the rest 5% can make it for a year but still cannot withstand the test of time and like i mentioned above, most of them fail too. only the remaining will be a survivor. So when it comes in picking the right website to make money with the rest of your life, it is not recommended to execute on this kind of businesses.
    - You should know that it is very impossible to make money with this site if you are just a free member. Maybe you can, but still, if you invest huge time and effort it will take you years to make your first cashout. $700 upgrade is too much. What if you are not good at getting referrals? You will be wasting your money.
    - We do not tolerate abusive upgrades, too good to be true payrates, rented referrals, systematic theft, etc. Bux sites are known in this fields. They will offer you too expensive upgrades promising huge profit but the real truth they will disappear in just months.
Is that it? No.. They have unstable platform. The payrates, the limits, the referral program, etc. All of them contributes to a reason as to how this PTC will fall.

Real and Legitimate PTC Website
If you are looking for long term income, you should be picking the right business. Compared to SporeBux, ClixSense is a pioneer website operating since 2007. Already paid $10,000,000+ to members. Cheap upgrades which will cost you $17.00 only. Generous and no limit direct referral program. Leading website. Infact, you can earn here without upgrading membership. Stay free if you want and no limits will force you to upgrade.

Stop falling for this scam sites and earn money on the right and legitimate companies with a peace of mind. Companies that will last for a lifetime not worrying if it will go fraud within months or will stop paying. ClixSense will not get you rich in a day but it can you sure money and i promise you that. Maybe not that big but you will for sure.

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