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Hi and welcome to PhilReviews blog. Are you looking for MobiPTC review? Want to know if it is a scam site or a legitimate and paying business? Let's take a look!

mobiptc review legit or scam site

MobiPTC (
This is a paid to click site (PTC) business which aims to pay its members per click, tasks, grid game etc. Advertisers pay the site for ad packs to be viewed by its registered members paying them fraction of it as cents. MobiPTC is a newly built bux site. To know more on how paid to click sites operates please click here.

Is MobiPTC Real or Fraud?
Well, looking at their site, we can see simplicity on its bux site design. Simple navigation, simple arrays of datas and then here comes the crucial part.
  • Click Rates
    - This site offers high paying self sponsored ads. Mainly, from the owner so we cannot rely on this since this is one of the problems buxsites experiences when their business grows. If they get enough advertisers then it will not affect the site that much but if they don't.. it will be a very huge problem for them. This self sponsored ads only relies on leads. No leads means no income for them so they'll gonna pay members without getting any from their ads. I doubt they'll gonna build advertiser's trust.
  • Cheap Advertising
    - Good! But wait.. Their platform looks like a mistake! Low advertising fees but has high per click pay rates? OMG!
  • Unbalanced Environment
    - It seems like they've just made up a simple plan then execute it the next day. If they will not fix it, this could lead them to trouble and huge debts. The click rates, the advertising, the prices, the behaviour of adpacks, the referrals, etc. it should be connected to each other.
  • A Bux Site
    - Bad news for you. This website is a bux site. Anyone can buy a website, script, hosting, etc for cheap price then build it the next day. These kind of sites are well know as shady business models, unstable, abusive, and ponzi. They just rely on upgrades, rented referrals, and more then will disappear the next month. 
If you are looking for a long term, completely legitimate PTC website then.. Try CLIXSENSE. See details below.

Recommended Legitimate Website
ClixSense is a well known paid to click website operating and paying since 2007. Ranked as one of the best and pioneer paid to click sites in the world. Has 4 million members and already paid $10,000,000 in total to its members so you know this is a name you can trust.



Here's some benefits you can get on ClixSense:
  • paid to view ads up to $0.05 per click
  • paid to do task up to $1.00 plus or minus
  • paid to answer surveys up to $1.00 plus or minus
  • paid to win on clixgrid up to $5.00
  • paid to refer up to $0.10 per sign-up
  • sign-up bonus per activity up to $1.00
  • upgrade bonus up to $2.00
  • sales commissions
  • referral activity commissions
  • and more!
It's for the long term. Why sign-up on scam sites if you can have ClixSense the whole life. It is a one stop paid to click service you will ever need.

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