GokuBux Review - Is It Real or Scam (gokubux.com)

Welcome to PhilReviews. Are you looking for GokuBux review to know if it is a true legitimate company or just a fad and fraud website? Then you must read this short article below.

GokuBux Review - Legit or Scam

GokuBux (gokubux.com)
Is a anime themed paid to click (PTC) website that pays its users per click, and other get paid to earning options. Paid to click sites are advertising businesses platform that gets its traffic from members while paying them a fraction of what they get from clients in return. Read more about how paid to click sites operates here.

Things You Should Know
    We do not recommend bux sites to everyone especially to those who don't know how to play with this fraud sites. Some elite members exploits them while they are still paying, but most people fall for them and left scammed by these sites after it disappear in thin air. Bux sites are paid to click websites that offers abusive and expensive upgrades, rented referrals, revenue sharing, high paid to click rates and sponsored ads, etc. which makes the site itself very unstable.
    I don't know if they have the right to use the anime character as the main face of their website commercially but incase they have none, they might face a huge problem both legal and virtual. Businesses should be a role model to everyone.
    A combination of Bux paid to click site and revenue sharing platform. It will be a problem if mismanaged.
    $600.00 upgrade seriously? and OMG. 400% click value and 300% referral click! Let's see how long they will last.
As we have said, Bux sites isn't noob friendly. If you are planning to have business with this site then better think twice first before doing it. A good business will make you money, not steal you money. Don't fall for their high payrates because it is only temporary. Someday, it will come to the point they will change the system or close it without notice trust me.

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