NeoBux Review: Legit Paying or Fake Scam 2015

Looking for NeoBux Review - Is it Legit, Paying, Working, or a Fraudulent and Fake Not Paying Scam? Learn more by reading our full review of Welcome to NeoBux Review 2015!

NeoBux Review 2015 Legit or Scam
Website Descriptions
Have you heard of the word PTC? It means paid to click, NeoBux which can be found at is a paid to click website service for advertising and earning which allows a registered member to have these two opportunities, one is advertising through top notch paid to click service platform and two is by earning through their elite monetization program which pays every earning users per click or advertisement views.

What is a PTC?
We can compare everything to a television. NeoBux runs a channel of programs then advertisers put commercials (in the form of paid to click ads), then the viewers or users at neobux views the commercials posted then you get a fraction of of the money paid by advertisers to the company. Small difference from a television is that at NeoBux, you get paid to view that advertisements. The know more of how PTC website operates please read What is PTC and How it Works.

Here's how they describe themselves:
"We are experts at providing new business solutions in a win-win environment."
Their promises:
"Effortless income, guaranteed ads daily, millions of potential clients, secure and stable environment, professional support, etc."
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Website Informations
Please do not use this informations to any illegal or fraudulent and hacking purposes. Any informations here may change without prior notice.

NeoBux Review 2015 - Legitimate or Fraudulent

Ownership Details
By reviewing the site, we have found out that the site is operated by a company called NeoDev Lda. operating in Porto, Portugal as stated above website informations. Since NeoBux have been the top contender in PTC industry, we have no difficulties finding its real and legitimate owner along with its valid informations. They have opened their website informations to public so transparency regarding whois and DNS have been resolved a long time ago

NeoBux Review 2015 - Legitimate or Click Fraud

Online Reputation
Most people refer NeoBux as the King of the PTC industry. It has been operating for years and no one have succesfully taken that place while NeoBux stayed on top. Plus, NeoDev Lda are operating since 2008, these facts put NeoBux into one of the biggest and most trusted paid to click sites in the world in line with ClixSense, WordLinx and few more but not that many basing the facts that there are only limited and few numbers of established elite PTC sites you can trust.

Is NeoBux Legitimately Paying or a Fraudulent Site?
Is NeoBux a Scam? These has been a long time issue on this site since too many complaints and red flags regarding low ROI (return on investments) risen over the internet. Infact, if you try to go to Google and input the following keyword "neobux review" you will see TrustPilot's NeoBux Review showing more than half of its votes have red ratings which means low satisfactory. Not saying neo is a fraudulent site but what can we do? It's their opinion and take note, they are big time investors and pioneer users.

Here some issues we have fetched over the internet:
  1. Low Earnings
    Ofcourse, yes, every legitimate sites offers flat rate low earnings for stability purposes. But sometimes too low is the problem especially for standard members or free one in short.
  2. Rented Referral Bots
    I had read this complaints this past years saying NeoBux offers rented referrals which are bots. The company is the only one who knows the real truth and who can answer this issues.
  3. NeoBux Eradicating Its Competitors
    We have heard that there are confidential activities over NeoBux trying to eradicate its competitors via unethical practices.
  4. Low ROI (Return on Investments)
    Planning to invest on NeoBux? Think first and make sure you have read lots of reviews out there especially those which are from advertisers.
  5. Account Suspension
    We are aware of their 60 inactivity policy, but suspended cashing out members is a different story. and whole lot more.
  6. Rude Support
    Complaints about bad support.
  7. and more
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Earning Sources
NeoBux is a paid to click site so basicly, its mainstream earning source is by advertisements posted. Please read our analysis and the bullets below to know more about how you can earn real cash online via this said site below.
NeoBux Review 2014 - Legit or Scam
  • Viewing Ads
    The site will pay you per advertisements views. As long as the viewing ads page shows available ads then you can continuesly earn but if it is showing non then you can just wait for more by refreshing the page. If you are from US, you might get more ads because advertisers targets more in US. Third world countries is an opposite situation since traffic pays lower in this area, they get less targeted, giving them less ads from advertisers. An average user can get as much as 28 ads per day.
  • CloudFlower Tasks
    NeoBux is partnered with CloudFlower, a top notch micro job provider. User gets paid to do small jobs provided by CloudFlower via offers page.
  • Point Offers
    Get paid to install mobile apps via Offers Page - points offers.
  • Coin Offers
    Get paid to do offerwalls like TrialPay, Super Rewards, MatomyMoney and TokenAd.
  • Referral Programs
    Get direct referrals and earn commission for its activity. Direct referrals are people you invite to join on NeoBux and registered under your referral link.
  • Rented Referrals
    Renting referrals is the same as referring members. The difference is that you will rent for it and get it to your downline instantly. Money involved.
  • Upgrade Membership
    If you are a free member, you will get the least amount on NeoBux. If you have the ability and the money to upgrade for paid membership you can increase the limits of your account especially when it comes to referrals and earning scheme, the payment scheme and more. Upgraded members gets the most on NeoBux.
  • Watching Videos
    Watch videos and NeoBux will pay you per video.
Direct referrals is the most important stream of income in a PTC platform. You should be focus on this when it comes to making money online using NeoBux. Rented referrals are just an option for users but be careful. You might lose huge money on this if you dont know how to use this option. Make sure to read how to's guide online before taking any actions. You can also consider upgrading membership as this will maximize your earning capacity.

Payrates, Cashouts, Gateways, etc.
Advertisement payrates, sources, offers payrates, referrals, minimum cashouts, gateways and more check it here.
  • Ads Payrates: $0.001 to $0.015
  • Ads Sources: self sponsored and from advertisers
  • Offers Payrates: depends on offer
  • Referral Limit: 30 every 4 days
  • Minimum Cashout: $2.00, increases $1 every cashout to $10 fixed
  • Payment Gateways: PayPal, Payza, Neteller
  • Payment Type: instant cashout
  • Country Accepted: all countries accepted
  • Suspension: 30 days inactivity (temporary), 60 days (permanent)
Take note of the suspension policy of NeoBux. Your account might get locked out if you are inactive more than 60 days.

Bad Things About NeoBux
All website has its downsides. Those features which are not good for users are listed here.
  • Eradication of Competitors
    There are reports to PTCInvestigations NeoBux Review that this site have started campaigns for competitor eradications. Reports said that competitor site was attacked through NeoBux. Plus, not accepting ads from competing PTCs.
  • Forced Advertisement Clicks
    NeoBux users are required to click 4 advertisements daily inorder to earn commissions from their referrals. This isn't good for non consistent users who have direct referrals.
  • Complaints
    Rented referrals, support, eradications, suspensions, low ROI complaints are bothering.
  • Self Sponsored Ads
    Bux sites has. You should know that this advertisements are from the company and not from advertisers. Self sponsored ads only gives revenue to a bux site if they have leads which converts good. No leads, no revenue. No revenue, has high risk to failure. Imagine how many members click those. Million!
  • Referral Limits
    It's like NeoBux force members to upgrade. by limiting everything. for free members.
  • IP Problem
    If you are sharing the same network with allocated IPs via DHCP, problems will be encountered. WiFi connections is a very good sample to that. You can notice errors in viewing advertisements like "already viewed this ad today".
  • Pay Per Install (PPI) Offers Virus
    Be careful. Pay Per Install or PPI networks are known spreader of Adwares, Malwares, and Viruses like toolbars, addons and no consent installs from search providers. There are reports regarding this.
Every users should be aware of this informations if you want to avoid unwanted problems Reading reviews before joining a site as a habit will be a great help.

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