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Are you looking for KayAds (kayads.com)s Review - Is it legit, paying, real, legitimate, working, payment proofs or scam, fake, not paying, not working? Before joining any PTC or other money making sites, you should gather or fetch all of its informations first. PhilReviews fetched some important details for you below.

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What is KayAds
KayAds is a paid to click website service or PTC for short. KayAds tends to pay its users per click depends on available advertisements served. For now, the site kayads.com is very limited on earning resources options which are only viewing ads and adgrid plus referral program itself.

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Using KayAds
To earn on this site you should know that stream of income mainly comes from the options stated above which are viewing ads, adgrid, and referral program which is quite fewer than normal PTC site. Don't know their plans on it if they will add up more or it will that forever. Not good for both the site and the users. To earn on KayAds, see earning methods below.

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Website Informations
Executing on a particular site without having enough infomation of a it is like a James Bond suicide mission. Take note that scammers chain multiple network of sites intended to live and die, so to decrease the chance of getting into trouble especially if you are willing to invest - be sure to know the site "before" joining and not "during" or worse "after". This can save you lot of time and money without knowing.
  • Whois - check who.is, click here
  • Registrar - Enom Inc.
  • Site URL - kayads.com (reseller)
  • Registered - September 21, 2014 - 2017
  • Registrant/Owner - KayAds, name not specified
  • Company - KayAds
  • Location - Wadenswil, Zurich, Switzerland 8820
  • Contact - kayads@kayads.com
Note: Any information fetched can be faked. Scammers try to hide, generate, compromise info in deceiving public. Do not use this information for illegal purposes.

Ownership Details
We have been searching continuosly for KayAds real and legitimate registered company owner. For now, you can use the informations above which shows KayAds as the company stated operating in Wadenswil Zurich Switzerland postal 8820 with a contact email of kayads@kayads.com. We know this kind of details are not that good and believable so, we will show some other details below to help everyone point out what's good and bad about reviewing KayAds.

Is KayAds A Scam Site?
Are you the only one yelling this words out? Know more if you are alone on this matters or some people
have the same opinion and experience by visiting the keywords: kayads scam fake not paying. This is a crucial step in finding out if a paid to click site is a scam.

Random Check
  • Forum
    Proactive open forum. With payment proofs, and etc.
  • PayPal
    They dont support PayPal options for earning withdrawal. Hope this is not the concerns about why.
  • KayAds Paying or Not Sending Payments
    Determine if they are still sending payments through this page.
Earning Sources
These are the ways to earn cash on KayAds. Please read details that follows.
  • Paid to Click
    View ads and earn as much as $0.001 and up to $0.01 per click.
  • AdGrid
    Play KayGrid and get a chance to win $0.10 and up to $5.00 of prize.
  • Referral Program
    Invite members to the site and earn commission.
Bad Sides
Ofcourse, every website has its downsides. Here's some for KayAds.
  • Limited Earning Stream
    3 earning source which is paid to click, kaygrid, and referral program.
  • Abusive Upgrades System
    Has 3 types of membership and the highest offered are not worth the prize. Be informed that scammers nowadays uses upgrades to bag money from advertisers and investors.
  • PayPal Not Supported
    Admit it, most of us use PayPal as a main wallet. Without it is one of the reason you will not join a site.
We have found out some informations both non valid and valid details determining if KayAds is a legitimate paid to click website or just a fad and fake scam site. We found limited resources of earnings on this site, paid to click, adgrid, and referral program, dont know if they will add more or what. Did fetched some informations in Domains, Hostings, Search Engines, Forums and Blogs etc. Please read above details and see what are those links.

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