InkBux Review: Legit, Paying, or Scam

Looking for InkBux ( Review 2015 - Is it Legit, Paying, Real or a Fake Fraud? Find out now if this website is a fraud by reading analysis below.

InkBux Review: Legit or Scam

What Is InkBux?
InkBux which can be found at is a paid to click website (PTC). A paid to click website is defined as an advertising company which directly delivers advertisements to target users. In this way, users who receives ads gets compensated part of how much the advertisers pays for the service, the rest goes to site. Understand How PTC Websites Work.Simple as you click ads, you get paid for it. Read more below for complete analysis of InkBux.

Paid to click websites mainly gain revenue through advertising packages sales. But the difference of clix sites and bux sites like InkBux for example is that they earn mainly not via advertising purchases, they get the company' revenue through expensive membership upgrades and rented referrals. Although it's a unique platform, most bux sites operation ends up to failure because of this unstable environment unlike clix sites which relies on advertising purposedly.

Want to know more about InkBux?

Website Informations
We are trying to get details as much as possible and ended up fetching all of this informations below.
  • Whois: Check InkBux Whois Here
  • Publicity: Hidden / Private
  • Registrar: GoDaddy.Com LLC
  • Registered/Expires: November 27, 2014 -2015
  • Homepage:
  • IP:
  • Owner: unknown, same owner of
  • Company: InkBux
  • Location: Spain
  • Category: paid to click
  • Same Owner Of: BuxStream (
  • Ranking: Check InkBux Alexa Ranking Here
Please do not use this information for illegal purposes. Published for educational purpose only and not for any other reason. Use with caution.

Ownership Details
Knowing ownership of a website before dealing with it decreases the rate of getting pawned by scam sites especially if you are about to invest money or upgrade a membership. Think about it first.

InkBux & BuxStream PayPal

By reviewing InkBux we have found out that its PayPal account used is linked to another site called BuxStream ( A paid to click website operating in Spain. We are working continuesly to find its admin and know more about their underlying informations since their site info are locked and not viewable by public and is protected for a purpose. Check back as we will write a review for this related site too.

Is InkBux PayPal Verified?
Verified PayPal account is crucial when it comes to online business as this is their main processor for payment gateway. If a site has unverified or limited accounts then it is a red flag because of the fact that this gateway hates fake businesses. So before taking any actions, make sure they are a legitimate dealer and not a fly by night operations.

InkBux Review Legitimate or Fraud is PayPal verified. Account created October 18, 2010, non U.S. operations.

Is InkBux Legitimately Paying or Fraud?
Paid to Click site (PTC) always starts as a paying business but most of them ends up as a failure. And failed businesses are called scam if payments are not delivered to its respected members. We call it "The Test of Time".

InkBux Review 2015

In order to analyze if this website is a fraud or not, one should consider everything you can read here in this post, they adds up for one goal - to know who is a real business and who is just a fraudulent one. From whois, dns, registration, account, social medias, links, history, reviews, ranks, complaint, to payment gateways.. check them and you'll know what you are looking for.

Ultimate Detect 1.0

If you want to get more detailed analysis, just go to our PhilReview's Ultimate Detect 1.0 page. Detect scam sites like a pro for free! We are in the reviewing industry since 2012 and he have compiled the best method on how to analyze if a website is a fraud. This might help you do your business safely.

Earning Sources
Earning options for InkBux fall under this lists.
  • Viewing Advertisements
    Users gets paid to click available advertisements worth $0.001 - $0.01 each. To navigate please go to account >> view advertising.
  • Referral Program
    Invite a member and get paid commissions for each referral who click ads.
  • Membership Program
    Upgrade for higher membership and get a chance to boost your earnings on InkBux.
 Payrates, Cashouts, etc.
  • Paid To Click Payrates: $0.001 - $0.01
  • Referal Commission: up to $0.02 each
  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Time Spent: 5 - 10 minutes
  • Payment Gateways: PayPal, Payza

InkBux Analysis: Paying or Not

Bad Things About InkBux
Every site has downsides. Bad things about this site fall under this list.
  • Limited Earnings
    Earning sources are only viewing ads and referral programs. So your best bet is referrals.
  • Consecutive Website
    Opening PTC site one after another will just divide everything. The support, the money, the staff, the marketing, the effort. So it isn't that good. Take note that we also consider this kind of tactics as ponzi and used by scammers to recycle traffic.
  • A Bux Site
    If we will be asked what we will pick, we'll choose clix and not bux sites since this sites supports self sponsored ads or those advertisements coming from the owner itself and not from the advertiser. Imagine, $0.01 * 4 * number of clickers = payout. That amount will explain how much loss you can get if that didn't work. No leads, no inward revenue. No revenue, site fails.
 How to Boost Earning on InkBux?
To increase your earnings on this site, you need to have the proper informations and methods that work. That means high quality guides that will fill your PayPal. We will recommend you this techniques that gave us the opportunity to earn up to 700% of our recent earnings from PTCs. Want to duplicate our $2,500 PTC income? Then you should try this.

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