DigAdz Review - Legit Paying or Scam

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DigAdz Review Legit or Scam

What is DigAdz?
DigAdz which can be found at digadz.com is a hybrid type PTC and Revenue Sharing website which you can earn money by clicking advertisements for points in exchange and points for cash value too for exchange. There are multiple ways to earn money on DigAdz. But before that, let's see who owns and operates the company if there is any.

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Website Informations
This section are researched for your own safety. Please bear in mind that before joining any money making site like DigAdz, you should first see and consult review sites for further informations. Or, you can just seek for available informations as much as you can before taking any actions.
  • DigAdz Whois (Who.is) - whois private check here
  • DigAdz Whois (GoDaddy) - whois private check here
  • Whois Server - GoDaddy
  • Registrar - GoDaddy
  • Registered - initial October 31, 2014 to 2016
  • Launched - November 30, 2014
  • Location - India as suspected, Norway as stated
  • Owner - From India as suspected, Marius Pedersen as stated
  • Protected by CloudFlare - Private
  • DigAdz Alexa Analytics - check rankings and info here
DigAdz Ownership
So DigAdz ownership has been quite a talk over some forums and blogs. We have checked different factors that states ownership including whois, host, blog contacts, website contacts, facebook and others but we have found multiple but different informations that link to its owner.

Reviewing this site, we are suspecting that the site is basing from India. Informations directs us to this locations but found out another one which is from Norway. I did checked the whois informations of extramoneyguide.com and saw it was owned by a guy named Marius Pedersen, operating in Oslo, Norway. This is the information DigAdz gives as the owner. Suspicious. I am also aware that the blog stated is a "301 redirect" linking to a weebly landing page which gives possibility that the domain is bought somewhere else and not the real one.

Too many dead and inactive links on contact page so, we will put this aside for a while. What do you think? Is DigAdz legitimate, legit, working, paying, fake, or scam? Let's take another closer look.

Earning Options
Reviewing the site, we have determined multiple ways to earn money on DigAdz. Please take note that DigAdz is a Paid to Click and Revenue Sharing website hybrid so it will be a mixture.

DigAdz Review Legit or Scam

Paid to Click earnings:
  1. Dig Points
    Users can earn via Dig Points for free. Usually, 1 point cost like $0.001 each so 0.001 x 12 x total points available x 30 = N. You will be paid like some dollar per month clicking everyday non-stop earning for free.
  2. Dig Bonus
    You click available ads to qualify for daily bonuses.
  3. Value Ads
    Each points will be converted to high value ads until it runs out.
Revenue Share
  1. Purchase Bundle Ads Campaign
    Buy advertisement packs and you will be given advertising credits plus 1500 points to get more higher value ads. So the more adpacks you buy, the more value ads you get. The more value ads you get, the more earnings you have. That easy. So you will be paid to invest.
Referal Earnings
  1. Refer a member
    Get referrals and earn commission.
Payment Methods
DigAdz accepts different kinds of payment gateway. Here's some of it:
  1. PayPal
  2. EgoPay
  3. Solid Trust Pay
  4. Perfect Money
Summary and Conclusion
Regarding DigAdz Review - Is it Legit, Legitimate, Paying, Working, Real, Fake, Not Paying or Scam. We have researched informations that we see helpful for users. PhilReviews have found out that the site DigAdz have too many private informations locked out limiting everything. Suspected owner's location is from India but information shows a person called Marius Pedersen from Norway. So the two are in conflict.

Has multiple earnings like paid to click and revenue shares plus referral commissions, multiple payment gateways such as PayPal and more... Have you made up yur mind? You have read DigAdz' Review, is it Legit or Scam? Vote for DigAdz above!

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