CreBux Review: Legit, Paying or Scam

Looking for CreBux ( Review 2015 - Is it Legit, Paying, Working, Real or Fake Fraud? Find out now by reading our review below.

CreBux Review 2015 - legit or scam

CreBux Descriptions
This site called CreBux which can be found at is a paid to click website (PTC) where users are getting paid to view available advertisements and other related stuffs. The website promises that you will get compensated per click and referrals. To know more about how PTCs please proceed to How PTC Businesses Operates to fully understand what you are into.

Paid to Click websites mainly gets their traffic through repeating traffic, which is both their advertisers and clickers. This business platform enables both sides gets benefits. Advertisers purchases cheap traffic through adpackages bundles and pays its fees. The company now then process it and delivers the ad packs to its thousands of clickers or users. Users gets paid to view every delivered ads as a fraction of what the company gets. To learn methods on how to increase earnings up to 700% on CreBux
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Here's how they describe themselves:
"Get paid to visit, instant payment by CreBux. Are you Looking for Easy Money Online? Join our community and earn with the thousands of members. Make money on CreBux just by viewing ads & completing offers!"

CreBux Review 2015 - legitimate or fraud

Website Informations
  • Whois: Check CreBux Whois Here
  • Publicity: Hidden / Private / Protected
  • Registrar: Name.Com Inc.
  • Registered/Expires: December 2, 2014 - 2015
  • Launched: December 5, 2014
  • Homepage:
  • IP:
  • Owner: Ksawery and 2 other operator
  • Company: CreBux Ltd.
  • Location: Portugal (suspected), Poland (claim)
  • Contact:
  • PayPal Verified: Yes, Non-US
  • Rankings: Check CreBux Alexa Ranking
This informations are for educational use only and not for any other means. Please use this with caution and with care. For complete details of this informations, please read our full review below for indepth analysis.

Ownership Details
Trustworthy business should be transparent and that cannot be changed. We believe that this factor is one of the best way to build a brand name online that's why we mark this as very important when it comes to checkings. By reviewing CreBux which can be found at, we found out that the site and the company is operated by 3 people in Portugal and one of them claiming ownership as the admin named Ksawery. Review - Paying or Not

CreBux Ltd, as claimed, said they where from 27 Zielna Street, Warsaw, Poland. This claim is still pending and inactive since December 5, 2014 and we will not consider this as valid and verified until proven real and not just a generated info. To check its validity please proceed to Trust Guard's - Business Verified Certificate. Location will remain as Portugal as suspected base country.

Is CreBux PayPal Verified?
One should also consider checking your dealers PayPal account if it is a business verified identity or just a fly by night fraudulent acts. Why PayPal? PayPal is the most widely used payment gateways and you cannot escape from the fact that they hate fraud. One transaction spike and you'll get your account limited in no time. This is the reason why PTC businesses gets cornered by this gateway and we consider this as one of the best tool to determine dealer's legitimacy. Analysis - Real or Scam

We have checked CreBux' PayPal email which is which come up with the result as Verified, created November 15, 2014.

Earning Resources
Crebux earning sources falls under this lists. Please have some time reading the site's earning resources.
  • Viewing Ads
    Get paid to click advertisements and complete them by viewing one by one. Get compensated for each and every ads viewed which cost ranges from $0.001, $0.002 - $0.01.
  • Creative Grid
    Get a chance to win prizes worth $0.01, $0.05 and up to $2.00. You only have 25 chances left each day.
  • Paid To Sign-Up
    Register for those advertisers posting paid to join offers and get compensated for every approved one.
  • Referral Program
    Invite members and get commissions for every referral activity like viewing ads and more.
  • Upgrade Memberships
    Boost your earnings by purchasing higher memberships.

CreBux Paying or Fake

Payrates, Cashouts, Gateways, etc.
Other informations fall under this lists. Please have time reading this informations below.
  • Ad View Payrates: $0.001, $0.002 - $0.01
  • Ad View Advertisement Count: 8+
  • Forced Ad View: 4 clicks
  • Paid To Sign-Up Offers: n.a.
  • Minimum Cashout: $2.00
  • Payment Gateway: PayPal, Payza, Perfect Money, EgoPay
Bad Things About CreBux
  • Forced Ad Views
    It's normal for bux sites. You need to view atleast 4 advertisements in order to earn commissions from your referrals. This is a big hindrance for inconsistent CreBux members since you are obligated to click everyday.
  • A Bux Site
    Bux sites commonly supports self sponsored ads, high upgrading membership fees, and high payrates for viewing ads. This makes everything unstable. Without relying on adpack advertisers, it all depends on their upgrading and rented referrals sales. Plus, self sponsored ads. If this doesn't make leads, the company will have low revenue. Low company revenue, site will fail if things go worse.

Is CreBux Legit Paying or Fraud?
Let me tell you this. No one can answer you that question except yourself. PhilReviews is here to guide everyone on the right track. We will provide you the best information we can manual fetch online so you can have the opportunity to screen every website, analyze it, and know if it really is a scam. Through the "Test of Time" this websites will show up signs and all of this informations will help you in determining scam from legitimate businesses.

So, is it really a scam? Let's check... You have the best information fetched arming you from fake identity, you have their gateways checked, you know their name, you know their business verification status, you know the location, the date of expiration, everything! It all adds up in the end.

We already removed verdict system to balance everything and serve you non biased reviews. It is already replaced with the voting and rating poll above so, take some time putting stars and checkbox on it. Participate!

Search For CreBux Fraudulent Activities
Is CreBux Still Paying?

Is CreBux Scam Site

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     How To Increase Your CreBux Earnings
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