BuxStream Review: Legit, Paying or Scam

Looking for BuxStream (buxstream.com) Review 2015 - Legit, Paying, Working, or Fake Fraud Website? Find out now by reading our indepth analysis about this website below.

BuxStream Review 2015 Legit or Scam

BuxStream Descriptions
This website called BuxStream which can be found at buxstream.com is a paid to click (PTC) website which pays its users to click or view available advertisements. Paid to click are advertising businesses that pays members part of what advertisers pay for its service fees or ad packages. You click, you earn. Dont click, still earn by using their referral program. Learn more about How PTC Websites Operates if you are not sure of what you are into.

Paid To Click gets their revenue from users who are interested on earning money online. Firstly, advertisers both small time and pioneer advertisers purchases adpackages in bundle and sends payment to the site, the ads now then distrubuted to thousands of members depends on how much you purchase. Users receives the ad and are clicked by them then they get compensated part of the advertisers paid for.

BuxStream Review Paying or Not

Website Informations
Before joining a paid to click program, you should first consult reviews like us and look for its accurate informations. This habit will help you decrease chances of getting pawned by fraudulent websites like PTCs since this industry is like hollywood - businesses are too showbiz.
  • Whois: Check BuxStream Whois Here
  • Publicity: Hidden / Private / Protected
  • Registrar: GoDaddy.Com LLC
  • Registered/Expires: September 08, 2014 - 2016
  • Homepage: www.buxstream.com
  • IP:
  • Registrar: GoDaddy.Com LLC
  • Owner: unknown, same owner of inkbux.com
  • Company: BuxStream
  • Location: Spain
  • Same Owner Of: InkBux.com
  • PayPal Verified: Yes, Non-US
  • Rankings: Check BuxStream Alexa Rank Here
This informations are for educational purpose only and should not be used in illegal activities. We are publishing this for research and analysis and not by any other means.

Ownership Details
PhilReviews believes that transparency to members is the best way to make a trustworthy and succesful business. We do not support businesses that intentionally hides everything without leaving any traces. Not saying we do not like this site, we're pointing out something here because we are aware of frauds happening everyday in paid to click industry making it ugly looking to outsiders while building bad impressions and experiences to everyone.

BuxStream Review 2015 - Legit or Scam

By reviewing BuxStream, we found out that this website is the same owner of a PTC website called InkBux (inkbux.com), please go here if you haven't yet read our InkBux Review. Both these companies are operating in Spain sharing the same Paypal accounts.

We are working continuesly in researching website informations but unfortunately, BuxStream has locked whois info which limits our review to some point.

Is BuxStream PayPal Verified?
PayPal, as the main payment gateway of most paid to click sites nowadays should also be considered when checking businesses legitimacy. PayPal do not support fake and fraudulent companies making it one of the best tool to check site's status which means everything to us. Have you heard of "limited accounts issues" or "stopped paying via PayPal" on forums? Yes, it is related to this topic.

After checking each and every valid payment proofs around the web, we have came up with results. BuxStream and InkBux shares only one PayPal account which is sales@buxstream.com. Above is a screenshot of its status, when it is created, and if it is verified.

Is BuxStream Legitimately Paying or Fraud?
I'll tell you one thing. "All paid to clicks always pays" especially if it is new, the problem is, most of them cannot pass the "Test of Time". Legitimate PTC businesses starts paying (infact some of them are registered), but as time goes by one by one businesses fail until only few of them are only left. The rest, members call them scam even basing the fact they do not intentionally want to fail and leave payments unpaid... Get my point?

Determining scam is not just by saying "oh, f*** this bux site scammed me $XXX.XX dollars! dont join them" or just by looking on your low earnings then complaining it is a fake site. It's been a bad habit doing this kind of staffs repeatedly becoming unfair to those sites who do not want to fool people. Analyzing fraud is by adding up all the factors given results of your checkings and reviewing over a certain service and not by judging it without looking on all sides. Payment proofs, gateways, whois, company, owner, DNS, history, reputation, complaints, issues, traces, etc. All of them adds up. That's why we have removed the verdict system on PhilReviews. To give you unbiased reviews. Read our post from first to last and you will understant what we are pointing.

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Earning Sources
BuxStream earnings comes mainly from viewing advertisements. Earning resources fall under these lists, read more details below.
  • Viewing Ads
    Users gets paid to view available advertisements ranging from $0.001 - $0.005. Just view these advertisements and get compensated after completion of each ads.
  • Referral Program
    Refer members to BuxStream and get paid commissions per direct referral activity. The more you refer, the more earnings you get. Thus, making it more easier to cashout.
  • Rented Referrals
    Don't want to refer members? No worries. If you are capable of purchasing rented referrals then you're good to go! Earn commission for each direct referrals ad views.
  • Upgrade Memberships
    Capable of paying for higher memberhips? Get prioritized and boost your earnings

BuxStream Review Legitimate or Fraud

Payrates, Cashouts, Gateways, etc.
Withdrawal, payrates, and related stuffs fall under this lists.
  • View Ads Payrates: $0.001 - $0.005
  • Ads Availability: 6+
  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Forced Ad View: 4 ads minimum
  • Minimum Withdrawal: $2.00
  • Payment Gateways: PayPal and Payza
Bad Things About BuxStream
Every business has downsides and those are under this lists.
  • Limited Earnings
    Good to know they are reducing self sponsored ads, it's seems like they are waiting for advertisers to invest like those on Clix sites. But still, BuxStream earnings stream are only from ad views and referrals only. Quite few for members and might take you years to cashout.
  • Consecutive Website
    Opening one website after another isn't a good idea. This will only divide the support, staff, marketing, resource, money, etc. We also consider this as fraud tactics (if we have proofs, not saying they are) as they are widely used by scammers online trying to recycle traffic as much as possible.
  • A Bux Site
    Bux sites are know for supporting high paying self sponsored ads and only relies in upgrade. This is a bad idea since this methods are only effective if leads, sales and convertions is good. But without leads, there's no revenue. No revenue, the site fails. $0.005 X 4 + $0.001 X number of clickers = payouts. Imagine how much they spend outwards if they got low leads and sales.
  • Forced Ad Views
    Inorder for you to earn from your referrals, you need to click atleast 4 ads daily. For inconsistent members with referrals on the lists, you might lose investment especially if rented. This is common for a bux site.

How to Boost Earnings on BuxStream
In order for you to maximize your earnings on this site or any other PTC, you should know that you need to have the best and high quality guides. Learn how we earned $2,500 income per month in NeoBux and other sites! We won't risk our name if this is not effective.
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