AdHooray Review: Is it Legit Paying or Fake Scam

Looking for AdHooray Review? Welcome to PhilReviews. Read to know if its legitimate, sending payments, working or just a fad fake non working fraud. See more details below.

AdHooray's Review - Legit or Fraud?
AdHooray Description
This site called AdHooray which can be found at is considered by PhilReviews as a microjob / microwork / microtask or small task services rather than a data entry as this doesn't require you to exert any informations instead, will give you incents per micro tasks completed. Mostly, ads are posted for Facebook Link Share, Post Share, etc.

Hey, what's the point of sharing stuffs?
How do they get inward revenue for the company? Simple. Advertisers tell them they want to advertise on AdHooray through Social Network then pays its campaigns service fees to the website then AdHooray takes a fraction of it and then pays the rest to the users who will complete the task advertisers made.

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Here's how they describe themselves:
AdHooray is a platform designed to help you find ways to earn using social media sites. We aimed to enhance your experience in using social networking sites by giving you reasons and inspiration to go online more often. Monetize online? Here in AdHooray, we make it possible.
AdHooray's platform tends to revolutionize the advertising practices through electronic word of mouth via Social Networks like Facebook which is proven effective this past years if implemented correctly. Social media, as part of SEO and marketing strategies companies considers as important. Check out Social Media Optimization to understand the whole point of why AdHooray is made.

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Website Informations
  • Whois: Check AdHooray's Whois Information
  • Registrar: GoDaddy.Com LLC
  • Script: Customized
  • Registered/Expires: January 13, 2014 - 2016
  • Homepage:
  • Owner/Company: Carlson Orosco - AdHooray & AdRawr
  • Location: Non U.S. Residence, Privacy protected
  • Category: Microjob, Microtask, Microjob
  • Related Sites:

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Ownership Details
Update: December 14, 2014 - Ownership Found
PayPal shows the senders name under the email is Carlson Orosco which is a non-US residence - Verified PayPal created since 26, 2011. Added to our fetched informations list above.

AdHooray Review - Payment Proof, Verified PayPal

Older Ownership Review
We are continuesly searching for the complete details of this company and the site itself. If you are the owner of this site, please do not hesitate to email us your informations regarding this issues as we see trustworthiness to users equal the fact that being publicly transparent is a good way to gain loyal members.

We already posted the site informations regarding whois' fetch informations about adhooray above so please read it for your own convinience as this may be helpful in the future. We have detected that the site locked its website informations to whois and dns queries. Company stated belongs to AdHooray with the homepage registered January 13, 2014 for 2 year plan. Categorized by PhilReviews under the tags Microtasks and Social Media Services money making websites. Still, operation and base location unknown.

Is AdHooray Legitimately Paying or Fraud?
Every money making websites launched starts with a status "paying" but that change through the "Test of Time" which drags some sites to failure even considering the fact they do not want to scam people. We have seen huge companies fail, and small sized websites started from scratch climbed to complete stardom.

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Please take note that this company is related to AdRawr (same company operating), an advertising network for social media platform. The same as the above whois query informations results, it is hidden in private.

Relax! There is some free ways to avoid these kind of trouble wasting your time and effort and hard earned money into nothing. Please proceed to PhilReviews' Ultimate Scam Detect Trick 1.0 . Besides this free scam detection tricks, you can always ask Google Search if a site you are into is just a fly-by-night fraud disquised in flowers.

Search Terms:
  • Review - if you want to see reviews from trusted brands
  • ExampleSite Legit or Scam - if you want to see complaints and praises.
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Earning Resources
As we have said earlier, AdHooray specializes on social media microtask especially Facebook. Read this bullets of mine.
  • Share a Link
    Members are paid to share links provided to them. Search for campaign, do the task provided correctly, submit it, then you can now wait if your task is approved or rejected then claim payouts.
  • Post a Status
    Members are paid to post status on Facebook provided to them. Search for available campaign, do the task given then submit it. Wait for approval and finally claim the payout price.
As for now the jobs are still limited and might get you bored in no time. In my location, i am receiving about 2 - 4 task daily plus or minus worth cents. If you have a steady day job income stream then you might say this is stupid earning but if you are a consistent facebook fan then this might help you earn a bit per facebook posts and shares. Might take you 5 - 10 minutes, pretty sure it will not eat up your time.

Payrates, Cashouts, Etc.
Other informations that you might wanted to see.
  • Task's Average Payrate: $0.01 each
  • Task Count Average: Depends on Advertisers (company ads if none), 3 each a day
  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Time Spent: 5 - 10 minutes
  • Referral Commission: $0.02 per sign up
  • Payment Gateways: PayPal, etc. depends on location
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And The Downsides
Every site has.
  • Low Earnings
    For a consistent Facebook fan which post daily as it is his or her interest then this might be a bit of extra income for you per Facebook post! But unfortunately, you can't make money for a living on this site as it only pays cents. You can admit it its pretty low and not that worth of your time and effort.
  • Support
    They have a good and user friendly support page but don't know what happened to their response. Got lost, missed their inbox, not sent, or i am the one who missed to read it. LOL. Not saying they got poor support, just pointing out something.
  • Lack of Promotional Tools
    Although not required, referral sign-ups will increase if they will provide some.
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