ZorBux.com Review: Legit or Scam

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Whois: check
Script: NextGen
Host: Black Lotus
Created: June 16, 2013

  • Not Recommended
    - Investment needed inorder to get paid. Read more below.

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  • Marian dum Vamanu?
    - From Botosani, Romania? ZorBux LTD.

ZorBux is a paid to click website/program which can be found at zorbux.com. Users gets paid to click ads, play adgrid and do micro jobs. Is ZorBux scam or not? Let's take a closer look!

You Should Know

Too High Payrates
Collectively, the payrates isn't good for the site. Has 15 count of  €0.015, 4 count of €0.01, and 3 count of €0.0075 pay to click ads. Too good to be true for me.

Expensive Advertising
€4.00 for 1000 micro advertisement? Really...

Questionable Stability
Basing from what I saw in ZorBux, it seems that the site is badly planned. Poor establishment will cause failure in the future. The site is too messy.

Investment Needed
PTC sites are free to join and free to use, charging investment to cashing-out members to get paid is very unethical. PhilReviews don't care if you have a plans listed, one thing we are sure about is that the scheme isn't fair for ZorBux members. Hard earned money should be paid in time without any requirements.

Rude Staffs
Moderators doesn't even know what a "polite" word means. Read some of their replies click here.


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