SilverClix Review: Legit or Scam

Site Informations
Payment Proof: check

Whois: check
Host: Enom
Script: PTC Evolution - Custom
Created: June 15, 2013
Launched: June 24, 2013

Nikolay Kosturkov and Edin from Croatia and Bulgaria
Same owners of BalkanikaClix and GoldenClix.


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SilverClix ( Descriptions
SilverClix is a paid to click program/website which can be found at Users gets paid to click advertisements and you can expect more soon.

You Should Know

SilverClix is owned and operated by two person named Nikolay Kosturkov and Edin, one from Bulgaria and the other is from Croatia. As you already know, they are the one responsible for GoldenClix and BalkanikaClix operation.

New Site (On Going Review)
The site is under 1 year of age, and for testing only. Test before making an investment. SilverClix is under On Going Review List, you can help us by sharing your detailed experience, please post it on the comment box.

Other Informations

Good Things About SilverClix
  1. Forum
    A very good source of comments, informations, scam activities, problems and doubts, complaints and more. Monitoring and scam detection starts here.
  2. DDoS Protected
    Protected by CloudFlare DDoS protection service.
Bad Things
  1. Whois is Private
    Limits ownership and location details. We do not like whois guarded informations.
  2. Verified PayPal Only (Paying and Investment)
    Unverified PayPal accounts are not allowed to send advertisement payments and other purchasing related stuffs. Cashouts are not included on this terms. Breaking TOS may lead to suspension.
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Answers The Questions:
Is legit?
Is scam?
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SilverClix legit?
SilverClix scam?
SilverClix paying?
SilverClix paying or not?
SilverClix working?
SilverClix safe?
SilverClix payment proofs?
SilverClix review
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