RoClix ( Review: Legit or Scam

Site Informations
Payment Proof: soon

Whois: check
Script: nTen
Host: NameSilo LLC
Created: June 28, 2013
Launched: July 23, 2013

Ownership Details
Name: Ionut Cosmin
Company: n/a
Location: Bucharest, Romania

Former owner of:
  • Go4Clicks (sold/closed site)
  • GarantiBux (sold /new owner)

Last Status
  • Under Watch List
    - Owner keeps selling the site within short period of business operations for each one built. Sounds build-and-flip 'ing sites founded. Will stay here for a month, maybe less or may extend.

RoClix which can be found at is operated by the former owner of Go4Clicks (closed site) and GarantiBux (sold/new owner) named as Mr. Ionut Cosmin from Bucharest, Romania. Click the blue bolded site name to read their respective reviews.

We are still monitoring this 3 sites mentioned above since they are needing more attentions than others. Ionut seems to be building sites then selling it to marketplace if he incase dont like the site he has made. And then when a new owner get onboard the PTC will suddenly stop paying in just a matter of week or month of operation turning the website a scam.

Here's some of what he said on a reviewing site:
"I had to try every script until I stay with one, no? This is how things are working on any business or anything else ... search and search until you find something that fits you. I don't know why are you keep saying that I sell sites and sites and sites. I sold only go4clicks, which honestly, as an aurora you can't do a thing (I was at the first point with PTC when I made it). Then yes, garantibux, which wasn't exactly as I thought it will. Now is NTen, which I like and I'll work with. 
garantibux was sold since last week to this person. I just thought that I could get more for it, which I didn't. 
Anyway, like I said thank you for the review ... it will be so nice to see you change the status of the website after a time :P 
All the best!"
Courtesy: IntenseDebate via PTCi Main Blog 

And another one, Ionut also uses here in this site RoClix, his PayPal account used in GarantiBux which he recently said was LIMITED and we see this one not true. This guy just said this words for alibis.


Keep intact for more update. Will be moved if the site will last a couple of months and show good signs.


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