PureClix.com Review: Legit or Scam

Site Informations
Website: http://pureclix.com/
Payment Proof: check

Whois: check 1, check 2
Script: PTC Evolution
Host: GoDaddy LLC
Created: June 7, 2013
Launched: June 22, 2013

Ownership Details
Fred Myers of PSGroup / Paradise Builders
from Watertown, New York, US


  • New Site
    - Site is under 1 year of age, For testing only, Test before investing.
  • On Going Review
    - Complaints, feedbacks, problems, issues, payment proofs please post it via comment box.
PureClix Descriptions
PureClix is a paid to click program or website which can be found at pureclix.com. Users gets paid to click or view available advertisements, paid to sign-up, play heads or tails, watch videos, and joint contest. Is this website a scam site or not? Read more below.

You Should Know

Fred Myers operates PureClix based in Watertown New Your, US. and is related to Fast2Earn.Info (sold to another person, new owner), EliteScripts.Info (EliteScripts), and EliteHosting.Biz (Web Hosting). This guy is also associated to a name Todd Warner who maybe owns or a co owner of the two sites mentioned.

Associated/Related to Sites:
  1. http://fast2earn.info - sold / new owner
  2. http://www.elitehosting.biz - related to
  3. http://elitescripts.info - related to

Other Informations

Good Things About PureClix
  1. Paying
    - This status may change without prior notice, please report here incase this happens.
  2. Forum
    - A forum is a very good source of informations, feedbacks, complaints, issues, payment proofs and more. Scam activities monitoring starts here so this field is very important.
  3. Whois is Public
    - Helped us make a better review.
  4. Cheap Advertising
    - Low advertising fees. Good for advertisers.

Bad Things
  1. Changes
    - Edited TOS especially payment policies and more, expect more as they are a new site. Read announcement here - http://pureclix.com/forum.php?topic=1133.
  2. Self Sponsored Ads
    - This ads only get sales if a member clicks, signed up and remain active. No click, no sign-up, no sale.
  3. Gambling
    - May cause PayPal problems since this processors hates gambling and games included. Expect.


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