Review: Legit or Scam

Site Informations
Payment Proof: check

Whois: check
Script: PTC Evolution
Host: GoDaddy LLC
Created: May 21, 2013
Launched: unknown

Ownership Details
Mohamad Rasool Malekbala (online2day00)
from Malaysia


  • New Site
    - Site is under 1 year of age, For testing only, Test before investing.
  • On Going Review
    - Payment proof, complaints, reports, feedbacks, problems, doubts and more please post it via comment form.

ProudClick Descriptions
ProudClick is a paid to click and a get paid to program combined which can be found at Users gets paid to click available adverts, paid to sign-up, play proudgrid, unlock contents (CPA), watch videos, do tasks, refer friends and more. Is this site a scam or not? Read more below.

You Should Know

ProudClick is another website made by Rasool Malekbala from Malaysia. This person is responsible in operation of GPTBanks (, HoneyDollarz (, Points4Ads ( and maybe more as some people are suspecting this guy owns another site beside this mentioned GPTs. Operating a paying network of GPT and PTC site(s).

Other Informations

Good Things About ProudClick
  1. Forum
    - A forum is a very good source of proofs, complaints, feedbacks, informations, and more. Monitoring starts here making this field very important for us.
  2. Paying Network
    - Rasool Malekbala's network of GPT and PTC site(s) do pay its users, but this status may change without notice. Incase, please report here via comment.
  3. Fixed Cashout
    - Minimum required is $1.00 to be paid.

Bad Things
  1. Too Many Sites
    - Opening one site after another isn't a good idea. Besides, a network becomes ponzi when it cycles funds over the network. May affect administration quality.
  2. New Site
    - May undergo sudden changes both major and minor that can affect users.
  3. Whois is Private
    - hidden informations to public.
  4. PTC Payrates
    - We understand your point of maintaining stable environment but it is unfair leaving it pretty low for users.

Note: Changes always takes place, 
incase, please comment spotted unupdated reviews


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